Simply Get On A Boat And Tour Paris

Simply Get On A Boat And Tour ParisHave you thought of visiting the most romantic and stylish city in the world? Yes we are talking of Paris. Paris is considered to be one of the most romantic cities of the world. It is also referred to as the city of dreams by many. Along with its tourist attractions like its historical buildings, the Eiffel tower, night operas and fashion industry, it now has another attraction and that is boats of Paris.
Nothing can be as beautiful as a cruise over the beautiful and serene Seine River in Paris, or to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset and or the view of the country side with no worries nagging at the back of your mind. The thrill of enjoying and sharing a glass of champagne with someone you love while enjoying the beauty around you. This is not just wishful thinking; you can simply get on a boat and tour Paris.
This is a city which has numerous canals that branch out from the Seine River. It just is a divine experience to tour Paris in these barges of Paris. It almost feels like a dreamlike sequence where one can sail on these barges mile after mile and feel the cool breeze blow on your face. These barges can accommodate a number of people together and take one for a ride around Paris and the countryside.
These barges or boats of Paris not only provide a breathtaking experience but also has another surprise in store for you. While you are on a boat you can get to see the tourist attractions or the historical spots of Paris. There may be some Paris barge (peniche paris)tours which may be custom made and take a route where one gets a glimpse of all the beautiful mythical or historical spots of Paris. It definitely is an experience by itself where one not only cruises the river Seine, but also shares a magical experience of seeing the moonlight reflect in the water while you glade lazily over it.
Whats more? You also have a wonderful gastronomical experience with expert Chefs cooking the best lunch or dinner for you on these tours. You can order from ala caret menu on board and be served with style on these Paris boats. The food promises to be wonderful and is certainly served in style. In keeping with the tradition of style and class, the Parisian chefs definitely do justice and keep you longing for more.Simply Get On A Boat And Tour Paris
It is advisable to take the Paris boat (bateau paris) tours in summer till before the onset of fall. From May to September is considered to be the best time to take a boat or barge ride in Paris. The weather though a tad bit warm yet feels good while on the river and makes the experience worthwhile.
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