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Safe Step Stool for Fast Lubes by:David C. DuPont

Safe Step Stool for Fast Lubes by:David C. DuPont

Fast lubes have several choices when it comes to purchasing a safe step stool for their shops. Let's look at a couple of the step stools to see which will work best for your fast lube shop. It doesn't matter if your fast lube is a Jiffy Lube, Kwik Kar Lube or a Valvoline Instant Oil Change facility, the problem is the same, "How can you get the safest step stool for your shop?"

Would you like legs with that?

Look at the step stool that you have now, does it have legs? If it does you are looking at the weakest part of your fast lube step stool. The most popular step stool for fast lubes is an aluminum step stool with round rubber pads on the bottom of the legs. I've seen one of these step stools when the welds crack. It pretty much renders the step stool useless and the owner wasn't happy because the aluminum step stool was less than one year old.
Safe Step Stool for Fast Lubes by:David C. DuPont

Will your technicians be able to service 44 trucks?

Do you ever have different size trucks come into your service bays? Do you have different employees servicing these trucks? There is one step stool built for fast lubes that addresses both of these problems. It's called the Shure-Step step stool. If a 44 truck shows up at your fast lube and your shortest employee is servicing it, no problemjust stack 2 Shure-Steps up and your working height just increased from 10 inches high to 16 inches high. Pretty cool, huh?

Safety First

Before you purchase a safe step stool for your fast lube, ask yourself what's important. Do you want a lightweight easy to move step stool? Do you want a safe step stool that will last? Is having a warranty important? Do you want your safe step stool to have a load rating? These are qualities you will have to decide for yourself, but be sure to ask questions when purchasing your safe step stool for your fast lube.

David C. DuPont has been finding solutions to step stool problems for 9 years. He has helped people solve their problems by helping them find bathroom step stools, kitchen step stools, wooden step stools, kids step stools, plastic step stools and step stools for senior citizens. To see his step stools or to contact him to find a stepstool for you, go to

About the author

In 1995 David set out to get a patent on his idea and the original "L" shaped Shure-Step was born.In 1996 the Shure-Step won the Top 20 Tools Award.This was a big boost for David and his product. Because of his involvement in the community and the rapid sales increase David was nominated for and won the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Greater Houston Partnership.

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Safe Step Stool for Fast Lubes by:David C. DuPont Ashburn