subject: Read Soul Books: Alleviate Mental Stress & Anxiety

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Read Soul Books: Alleviate Mental Stress & Anxiety

Read Soul Books: Alleviate Mental Stress & Anxiety

Books are perhaps ones best friend, to curl up with, to take on journeys, and as an ongoing source of knowledge and wisdom. Books transport you to a different world and introduce wonderment and joy, both fictional and real. Fiction books are entertaining stories, but self-help books serve to provide insight and growth on how to improve the quality of our lives.

Almost all of us suffer from mental and emotional stress, either work-related or from relationship issues or career responsibilities. To understand and handle our suffering, it is advisable to read mind body books that highlight the connection between our emotions and our physical bodies. These self-help books can offer comfort and solace to those who are feeling dejected and hopeless due to varied reasons.

We are all programmed to accumulate possessions and often we discover too late that this takes us further and further away from our inner desire for a spiritual connection. We work hard day and night to achieve material success, but in this hedonistic treadmill, we forget to listen to the voice of our inner soul what it craves for. We relegate any spiritual leaning to church attendance, but is this really the right road to spirituality?

Soul books take the reader on a spiritual quest in order to find the deeper meanings of life. Such books help him find answers to the persistent questions of Who or What am I? Where did I come from? Where will I go when I die? What is heaven and hell? What is God? Not all spiritual books hold plausible answers and most of these simply repeat the time-honoured dictates of religion. However, a quotation reads : Religion is answers that cannot be questioned philosophy is questions that cannot be answered. In order to satisfy our inquisitive urge for the truth, we turn to spiritual books, new age books and soul books.
Read Soul Books: Alleviate Mental Stress & Anxiety

Such books help an individual to find answers to his dilemma and to anchor his inner soul to his actions, so that he may achieve peace and happiness. Spirituality books are a good aid to this understanding. As soul books these help to create a balance between ones inner and outer world.

There are hundreds of spirituality authors who try to offer their versions of eternal wisdom, but Vishwa Prakash has a simple and unique view that appeals to the common mind. As a popular keynote speaker and renowned spiritual author, he has written a beautiful book on spiritual awakening. This is a great self help book which is visually stunning and a constant source of wisdom.

Who Stole my Soul? is an amazing spiritual book that shows the way to find purpose and meaning in your life. This is a practical guide to spirituality without adhering to the bonds of traditional religions and shows the reader how to attain true spirituality and soul consciousness. This soul book is full of moving images and timeless inspirational quotes that make it a wonderful keepsake and an ideal gift. Visit to preview this fantastic book!

by: vishwa prakashAbout the Author:Here is a spiritual book for you who believes in mind body & soul connection. The soul author wants you to know that how to create a balance between ones inner & outer world by reading these soul authormind body books. Spirituality books takes the reader on a spiritual quest in order to find the deeper meanings of life. Such soul author

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