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Passion And Drivelifes Product: Edward Bass

Passion And Drivelifes Product: Edward Bass

The knowledge of Edward Bass Producer regarding the filmmaking industry has begun when he was just a young boy and this is all thanks to his family

. Bass family never failed to arrange some backstage visits with the huge stars of the world back then between weekends, ski trips and other vacation in Las Vegas and New York City. Bass was able to meet Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Some of the celebrities that he met even taught him how to water ski at Lake mead and that is the famous Harry Belafonte and another celebrity that he met as a young child that he managed later on in his life was Milton Berle. As a high school student of the Beverly High School, his home became the place for spur of the moment gatherings, concerts and other events.

Edward Bass Producer, in his career, was able to manage countless talents that range from sports athletes and up to dancers and all achieved great heights in their career. A great example of this is the very fortunate sports athlete named, Julius Caesar Chavez. He is a boxer that fell into the handling strategies of Bass and achieved the highest priced boxer in the super middleweight division in the boxing industrys history. Apart from managing talents, Bass also was able to produce musicals, events and plays that received high appraisal by many people and critics alike. He produced the Stardust musical which created quite a huge buzz in the industry and became the talk of the town. The musical that he produced was so exceptional and with that, it was able to receive a Tony award along with Hinton Battle and Toni Tenille. The famous Bob Hope Day event was also produced and organized by Bass and also the Great moments on stage along with the Nicholas Brothers.

According to Edward Bass Producer, the fame and popularity that he is enjoying now was all because of the experiences that challenged him in his life to strive and fight and now, he has accumulated the skills, knowledge, talent and insights that a great producer needs to become successful in the kind of field that he is in.

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