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Online Shopping For Contact Lenses For The Australian Consumer

Online Shopping For Contact Lenses For The Australian Consumer

Contact lenses online in Australia

Shopping for discounted contact lenses online in Australia certainly boils down to shopping on the Internet. The Internet offers the Australian consumer massive discounts on quality brands. There are many different brands of contact lenses available online such as:


-Menicon Australia
Online Shopping For Contact Lenses For The Australian Consumer

-Ciba Vision


-Capricornia Ultravision

-Johnson & Johnson

-Bausch and Lomb

Aside from the many brands that are available to Australianconsumers online they can also shop by lens type which includes:

-Disposable Lenses for Astimatism

-Disposable Coloured Lenses

-Daily Disposable Lenses

-Conventional Soft Lenses

-Conventional Lenses for Astigmatism

-Conventional Hard Lenses

-Contact Lens Solutions

-Multifocal Lenses

-Monthly Lenses

-Fortnightly Lenses

Purchasing contact lenses online facts:

-When you purchase your contact lenses online, you need a prescription for each order. This means a printed copy of the prescription which you receive from your eye care practitioner should be sent. However, many companies will verify the prescription provided that you enter your optometrist details.

-When purchasing contact lenses online you cannot use your spectacle prescription. This is a totally different prescription than that of your contact lenses.

-When ordering your lenses you must have a valid prescription that is not over two years old.

-When you receive your prescription for contact lenses you will need to make sure that it includes:

-The size / diameter of your contact lens. This will be a number between 13.0 and 15.0. The inside / base curve of your contact lens which will be a number between 8.0 and 10. It may also be written in flat, med or steep. The sphere power which is the power which is necessary to correct your eyesight. This will be represented in a numerical form ranging from -20 and +20.

-The brand name

-The Manufactures name

There are various types of contact lenses available to the Australian consumer such as:

-Soft conventional lenses

-Daily-wear soft disposable lenses

-Extended-wear soft lenses

-Frequent replacement or disposable lenses

-Rigid gas permeable or HGP

When ordering over the net, you must order the brand of contact lens in which you were prescribed./

What you should know about contact lenses:

There is an extremely valuable rule of thumb that is associated with contact lenses that include look good, feel good, see good. Simply put, it is asking yourself do the lenses feel good after I insert them? Do the lenses look good after I insert them? Am I able to see good once I insert them? If you are able to answer yes to each of these questions than you are likely not in danger of early symptoms of wearing the contact lenses.

Contact lens safety:

When wearing contact lenses, knowing the rules is very beneficial. Simple measure such as not sleeping with you lenses in, not sharing your lenses, making sure that they fit properly, making sure that you care for them properly, making sure that you know how to insert them properly are all important factors that will help you to reduce risks such as infections and discomfort.

"Contact lenses online in Australia"

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