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Motor Insurance Quote In Dubai

With a fast growing insurance sector, the United Arab Emirates is emerging as a strong

leader in setting benchmarks and regulatory frameworks to ensure quality insurance is being offered to all residing within its territories.

Car insurance is mandatory to expats and nationals alike and there are new regulations being implemented around medical insurance to ensure majority of the citizens are covered under a comprehensive plan. Residents are also encouraged to have themselves and their assets protected through home, travel, personal accident and other relevant personal insurances.

Getting a motor insurance quote in Dubai or for that matter any personal insurance quote can now be done in minutes thanks to the ubiquitous power of the internet. All you need to do is google for insurance companies in Dubai, and request for a quote for motor insurance. If you like what you are offered, you can go ahead and purchase the policy online from the insurers right away. All you need is a credit card and a delivery address where your policy can be couriered to you. Now that sounds simple; doesnt it? Do note that this service may be offered only by a few international insurers who have intricate websites and resources to enable such services.

There are a few reputed international as well as national insurance companies in the country, offering competitive prices and covers. Make sure you not only consider price while comparing quotes, but also the history of the insurance company, customer service and claims settlement reputation. This will ensure you are getting the right level of protection against the risks that you need to be covered for. Buying a cheaper policy might mean a heavier excess or other hidden charges while claiming for damage or injury.

Most motor insurance policies cover the insured individual, the insured vehicle, third parties and damage due to fire and theft. The premium you have to pay is based on factors such as age of the driver, marital status of the owner, driving history of the driver, vehicle type, vehicle class, year of manufacturing of the vehicle, etc. However, there are enhanced covers available to cover other geographical areas, passengers etc. You can also further negotiate and get a better price if you have a no claims history of a minimum of one year.

Now that you know the easiest way to procure a motor insurance quote in Dubai, buying insurance is but a click away. Try it today or recommend it to a friend looking for insurance!

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