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Lots Of People, Lots Of Automobiles

Lots Of People, Lots Of Automobiles

Cars are something we take for granted

. We may have three drivers and four cars, something unheard of in developing countries or even 40 years ago. People, if they were lucky, owned one car per family in the United States. Today, even sixteen and seventeen year-olds often own their own cars. You get your drivers license and you get a car. This is a new phenomenon in our country and the world.

Most of the world has public transportation with trains, buses, and light rail. American's have more cars per capita than any other country in the world except Monaco. Surprised? Monaco is a very small country, only .76 square miles. France borders it on three sides, and its center is only ten miles from Italy. Monaco has the highest per capita income at $151.630. It is the most densely populated country in the world and has the world's highest life expectancy at almost 90 years! Those are some impressive statistics. Considering there are only 36,000 people, that is one small country! We have bigger neighborhoods in the States. Therefore, setting aside Monaco, the US has the most cars per capita, and coming from a country with almost 300 million people, that is saying something.

The United States in 2009, boasts 828 cars per 1000 people not including motorcycles. These are staggering statistics, especially when compared with developing countries in the world. Somalia's only own 3 cars per 1000, and Bangladesh - 2. We are a spoiled people when it comes to car ownership. In the Philippines, Ghana, China, Cuba, and Nigeria they own about 33 cars per 1000. We are a country spread out and fiercely independent; our cars are our identities and way of life.

Coming in at the Top with Monaco and the United States is Liechtenstein with 796 cars per 100 (does anyone know where Liechtenstein is?) New Zealand comes in at number five with 733, Italy - number nine with 690 and Canada, our neighbor at number 13 with 620 per 1000.

Whether you visit the GMC dealer in New Jersey or the Buick dealer in New Jersey, the Toyota, Cadillac, the Honda, or Kia dealer the options are limitless and so is the draw. American's love their cars. In the big cities, people take public transportation more often, but still have their cars waiting in the driveway, something we take for granted.

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