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4 Valuable Factors To Learn About Life Insurance Leads

4 Valuable Factors To Learn About Life Insurance Leads Some of the things you need to learn about life insurance leads are that life insurance leads generated through direct mail have an increasing success rate, the telemarketing method is one particular affordable strategy to get life insurance leads, life insurance leads could be generated through the use of mass media, and Internet leads are expensive but are one of the least...more

"enjoy Every Sandwich" - The Life And Times Of Warren Zevon

Warren William Zevon, perhaps best known for his hit song "Werewolves of London" was one of the victims of mesothelioma. And he never really knew how he acquired this asbestos-related disease.Zevon was an American rock singer, songwriter, and musician who had a sardonic sense of humor. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 2¸1947.For a brief time after his family moved to Fresno, California he occasionally visited the home of Igor...more

Alternatives to a Reverse Mortgage in Canada

If you are a senior in Canada, you already know how important it is to ensure your money lasts. Besides, we are living healthier lives and living for a long period in Canada. Therefore, it is important for us to have money when we retire. A reverse mortgage in Canada is one option that seniors have to retire happily. But do you know there are other options, too? We are going to tell you about them in this post.Is Reverse Mortgage the Only Answer?When you contact the biggest reverse mortgage provider, you will find the same provider is your only answer. Moreover, the answer will remain the same even if you could make some changes to your lifestyle.In addition, the largest reverse mortgage provider in Canada does not benefit from providing seniors with other options. For the same reason, it only has one answer, that is, you take a reverse mortgage.Nonetheless, you also have other alternatives to a reverse mortgage, which we shall tell you about next.Alternatives in Canada to a Reverse MortgageWhen it comes to retirees in Canada, a reverse mortgage is a one-size-fits-all solution for many. Nonetheless, you also have alternatives to a reverse mortgage. Here are various alternatives you...more

5 Deadly Mistakes With Life Insurance

With the removal of 'whole life' insurance policies from the Australian market some time ago, life insurance has been simpler than ever. The remaining option, term life insurance, works in exactly the same way as any other insurance product. You pay a premium, the insurance company gives you a list of covered events and if...more

5 Quickest Ways To Lower Your Life Insurance Premium

Worried about the spiraling life insurance premium? We have enlisted 5 quickest ways to lower your life insurance premium. Well, keep these points in mind but do tread with caution and act prudently.Shop around and Bargain Shop, Compare and Bargain! Well, the oldest principle, old as dirt, but still going strong. Once decided on your coverage,...more

5 Ways To Save Money On Life Insurance

Buying life insurance is a financial decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. If you do your research and go into policy selection with both eyes open, you can find an affordable life insurance premium with the coverage that you and your family need in the case of an unfortunate accident.Consider these helpful tips to save money on life insurance, without compromising necessary coverage:1.Improve your health. Any reputable insurance agent will require you and your spouse to have a physical in order to underwrite a life insurance policy. The physical itself is user-friendly and convenient; a medical professional will be sent out to your home or office to check your current health and medical history to determine your life insurance rate. As a result, the healthier you are, the more money you will save on life insurance!2.Purchase sooner rather than later. Many companies raise their life insurance rates based on your age, while other insurance companies increase their premiums six months prior to your birthday, also known as Age Nearest in the insurance game. When considering life insurance for the first time, ask your insurance agent about the best time of year to buy based on...more

Life and the Eight Chakras

Yoga has had a profound impact on human mortals since time immemorial. This five thousand years old phenomenon has been at the heart of the Indian civilization through the ages. Thousands of people worldwide are now practicing this...more

4 Significant Differences Between Term Life And Whole Life Insurance

There are numerous benefits of life insurance. Like other insurance products, it does not only facilitate wealth creation but also give the policyholder's family and dependents a sense of security. Term and whole life insurances are the two life...more

Shopping For Life Insurance Does Not Have To Be Complicated

Life insurance is one of those insurances that are not mandatory and one that we dont like to think a lot about, but the real truth is that every family should have some form of life insurance to make sure that the unexpected does not destroy...more

5 Reasons To Consider Long Term Care Life Insurance

One of the main reasons people dont purchase long term care (LTC) insurance is because the premiums are expensive and they think the gamble of paying all that money against the probability of needing long term care is just not worth it. Many people...more

Five Questions To Consider Before Buying Long Term Care Insurance

A lot of people are indecisive of getting long term care insurance. Most of them question the importance of long term care insurance and rely on cheaper or economical means of insuring their elderly health. The views are always divided in the pros...more

4 Important Issues in Renewing Your Life Insurance Policy

4 Important Issues in Renewing Your Life Insurance Policy Life insuranceAfter all the heavy decisions and intricate calculations that went into taking out a life insurance policy, renewing one seems like the most natural thing in the world!...more
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