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Latest Paris Hilton's news

Latest Paris Hilton's news

Sure Paris Hilton bleats on about every inane aspect of her life via Twitter all day long but sometimes we wonder; what actually goes on in the real world of Paris Hilton everyday? What does she actually talk about with her pals.

Okay that was a lie we've never specifically thought about what kind of banter goes on between Paris and her pals - as we've always imagined her conversations would be about as scintillating as this:

"Should we go shopping today?"

"Loves it"
Latest Paris Hilton's news

etc etc etc. But anyway, since we caught a glimpse of Paris' blackberry screen while she was in Portofino yesterday we thought it only fair that we should examine what goes on in the real world of Paris Hilton - you know the one away from the cameras and Twitter and all that jazz.

So what does this small snippet of Paris' Blackberry screen reveal about the socialite's life? Well

1. She's bloody popular: she's got about 166 unopened text messages as well as 37 unchecked emails.

2. She's possibly still hung up on her ex Stavros Niarchos who she went out with a few years back; in a BBM chat with a pal Paris seems to be disgusted when a pal tells her that her former flame is now dating someone called "missoni nugget"

3. Her friends can't spell: Yaught instead of yacht really?

4. She leads the kind of jet set lifestyle we mortals can only dream of: her pal casually suggests that Paris should just hop over to her "Barcelona penthouse" after her trip to Portofino (where these images were taken) even though the reality star has already been on holiday in Corsica, Paris and South Africa.

So in summary; Paris is popular, really rich, likes to bitch about her exes and has friends who can't spell. Well you learn something new everyday don't you

What did we say yesterday about Paris Hilton rubbing her wealth in our face? Oh that's right, we said it made us feel sick, but she doesn't seem to care, in fact she appears to have upped the ante.

Yesterday the airhead heiress continued to enjoy her vacation - and we use the term vacation' loosely, since you probably need an actual job in order to take a vacation - in the South of France.

When we caught up with Paris she was having a whale of a time as she jumped off the back of a monstrous yacht and at one point she was seen spraying a bottle of Cristal Champagne into the air as if it was water.

Grrrr, what a mother f*%&*$ b*%&*$ honest to god we couldn't hate that spoilt *%$* face anymore right now, what a flashy cow!!!!

Sorry, we're not sure where that spike of unpleasantness came from we'll try to restrain ourselves in future.

Latest Paris Hilton's news

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Latest Paris Hilton's news