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Job Openings In Mumbai

Job Openings In Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the "city of dreams" and how true it is

. Daily we hear of success stories, the true rags-to-riches stories of many individuals who came to amchi mumbai, to study or in search of a job and well, eventually found a home and eventually found success in this busy metropolitan city! Jobs in Mumbai are many and for one and all. The job market has always been vibrant and has always seen a growing curve. When the world was facing recessionary trends from 2007-2011, Mumbai was one of the few cities in India that was still providing some employment opportunities and job openings to worthy individuals.

Well, if the real estate prices and the sultry weather are a deterrent, the buzzing job scenario, the vibrant culture, the beckoning beautiful scene, the lovely street food and lure of Bollywood prove to be the ultimate seducing factor for most of us!

Whether you are in the IT field, the mechanical field, a medical background, a budding artist, a coding specialist, a language expert, an HR-SAP expert or a hardcore stock market specialist, well, there is a job for everyone - you just need to have a dream and be willing to work hard for it!

Most companies, whether Accenture, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Wipro etc. have their head offices in Mumbai. They all have big setups and thus continuously require various people from various fields - HR, Marketing, Finance, engineers etc. Whether you are a fresher, intern or a person with 10 years of experience, you will find your niche here.
Job Openings In Mumbai

Are you lured towards Bollywood? Are you an artist? Well, theatre is revered in this cultural capital of the country and there is an opening at most production houses and theatre companies.

Are you in the hospitality field? Well, all internal companies and domestic companies like Taj, Four Seasons, Kingfisher, Jet, Oberoi etc. have their base here. Whether you are an event manager, flight attendant, hospitality consultant, a chef or a front desk specialist, you will find your niche and get the best job possible.

Many engineering colleges have opened up in Mumbai and nearby areas and thus the talent pool of engineers of various fields are many. But do not fret - most engineering companies have their offices and units in Mumbai and they are always looking for people!

The insurance sector and Banking sector are growing tremendously in this city. With companies like ICICI, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, HSBC etc. the scene is flourishing and because it is a labor intensive industry, they are always looking to recruit people from diverse backgrounds.

Medical practitioners and hospital related people need not fret - the population of this city is humongous and is growing very fast! Thus, doctors, nurses etc. are always busy and there is always a shortage of such people.

Thus, people from all backgrounds can find some job opening in Mumbai and eventually call it their home! Well, the problem is "hunting for a job" and this can be easily done via Career Prospect - an online job search company! Visit for more details.

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