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Immortalize The Memory With Mothers Necklaces With Childrens Names

Immortalize The Memory With Mothers Necklaces With Childrens Names

Are you a mother watching time fly by way too fast

? Then why not slow things down a bit by treating yourself to mothers necklaces with childrens names on them? You may already have jewelry, but chances are they fit the old youthe person that you used to be. Instead, why not buy jewelry for the person you are today? If you have a little bundle of joy then treat yourself to a mommy necklaceand make the focal point of the pendant your childs name.

Mothers Necklaces with Childrens Names Can Help Commemorate the Past

This is not only a gift symbolizing a mothers love, it can also be thought of as a charm or as a blessing. The newest miniaturizing technology can let you engrave initials or even entire words and sentences on pendants. You can personalize the jewelry with the name of your child. If you have two or more young ones, you can select a double or even triple pendant commemorating your family.

As far as choosing your favorite selection, know that you have quite a task. You can choose the old standby in gold and silver, and merely engrave a name or add a shape to the design. You can opt for a birthstone style necklace and fill the circle or shape with gemstones representing family members. You can also add the date of birth or another sentiment, such as a blessing or a scripture.

What about shapes? You can choose practically any pendant shape, and some people enjoy heart shapes, circles, squares or tags, or even something truly amazing like a tree of life shape. Another option to think about is that of a family cluster, perhaps with a necklace consisting of every childs name, and the name of yourself and your spouse. It is not just a gift; its a symbol of a very strong bond.

Mothers Necklaces with Childrens Names Dont Have to Break the Bank

You can buy a charm for less, thanks to affordable jewelry and online stores. Some very nice pendants, rings and bracelets can sell for $100 or $200 and they are made of the finest material. Why wait? Your child is quickly growing and outgrowing a million different thingsbut you have the chance to keep this memory alive with a sentimental gift to yourself, one that will remind you of just how wonderful motherhood has been!

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