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How To Personalize Your Office Space

How To Personalize Your Office Space

How To Personalize Your Office Space         Going to work every day can be tough enough without having to spend the day in a cold, impersonal space

. If you work in an office and you find yourself surrounded by dull, gray cubicle walls every day, you may eventually find yourself feeling uninspired. Even if you have your own office or you have the ability to look out of a window, you may still need to liven up your workspace to keep yourself feeling motivated. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make things in your workspace more personal and comfortable. Begin with what makes you feel good. Place photos of your loved ones or family members in your workspace to give you inspiration and keep you going. You can use picture frame lights and art lighting to highlight the photos. Drawing attention to what is important in your life will give you motivation throughout the day when you are feeling down.Since you will be sitting in your office all day, it is important to have comfortable furnishings. Your chair should offer the right amount of support for your body and your desk should have enough space for you to do your work. There are mechanics that go into situating the height of your chair and your computer, along with your desk, so do some research on what is healthiest for your body. Try to create a balance between the recommendations and what feels comfortable for you. If you need to add a pillow or a footstool to ensure your comfort throughout the long day, go ahead and do that.It may come as a surprise to some people, but the color of your surroundings plays a major role in how you feel. If you are surrounded by dull shades of gray, green, and beige, you will soon begin to feel as mundane as the colors. While you may not have the power to alter the paint wall or flooring color in your workspace, you can still surround yourself with color. Try handing a colorful tapestry from your cubicle wall or draping a brightly colored scarf over your chair. Just as you would have at home, little pops of color will have a bold impact and make a big difference in the overall feel of a room.Remember that the messages you hear and see throughout the workday will make a big difference in how you feel. If you can surround yourself with positive messages, they will begin to seep into your attitude. Choose a few inspirational posters with phrases that make you feel good and hang them on your wall. You can also place something near your workspace with a word or image that helps you feel calm and centered.Lastly, try bringing some life into your space with a plant. Caring for something in your work environment and bringing some of the outdoors in can really
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