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How Chiropractic Care Can help Prevent Work Injuries

How Chiropractic Care Can help Prevent Work Injuries

Preventing injuries on the job costs far less for companies than treating ongoing injures that are related to the job

. This is why many companies are enlisting the services of chiropractors in order keep the workplace a safer area for employees.Preventing Work InjuriesMany chiropractors will come into the workplace and assess the employees how they currently work in order to gain a better understanding of how the work environment could improve in order to prevent injuries in the first place. For example, if the assessment shows that employees are lifting inappropriately, action can be taken in order to train employees to correctly lift.Initial Spinal ScreeningIn addition, many employers have chiropractors do an initial spinal screening of employees to find out if their spines are out of alignment and to take note of each employee's pain information, if any. In addition, by performing a simple spinal screening of each employee, it can help establish a baseline for where the employee is right now in order to prevent future injuries.Establishing a Safer Work EnvironmentMoreover, establishing a safer work environment means that your employees are less likely to miss work or become temporarily or permanent injuries on the job. Corporations that have employees that participate in physical labor, such as maintenance and construction, have higher instances of injuries on the job. This can cost companies a great deal of money in missed work, workman's compensation claims, or long-term disability.Furthermore, by screening each employee, the doctor of chiropractic can determine if there are pre-existing conditions that the employee has that need care in order to prevent injuries on the job. More businesses are using the services of chiropractors as a way to cut down on workplace injuries and to increase productivity. When employees are healthy and pain-free, the productivity increases and therefore, the company is making more money.Traditional Pharmaceuticals can Lead to Addiction but Not ReliefTraditional methods of managing injuries on the job simply do not work for everyone and it can be expensive. Many people that are treated for workplace injuries are given narcotics, which are extremely addictive and can easily turn into a lifelong addition with prescription pain medication. At the same time, if the person cannot feel the pain because of the narcotics, they could be further causing injury.Final ThoughtsChiropractic has come a long way over the years and many companies are looking to doctors of chiropractic to help make the workplace safer and help reduce workplace injuries. Natural methods of health and injury prevention makes the employees happy and more productive and the bigger company can focus on the business.

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