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Group Health Insurance: An Effective Option In Virginia

Group Health Insurance: An Effective Option In Virginia

Group health insurance is your best bet to get cheap yet comprehensive healthcare

. Group plans are inherently cheap and a part of the premium is paid by the employer, thus bringing the premium further down.

Accessing group health insurance in Virginia is a popular option among the residents. Though there are numerous advantages attached with group plans, purchasing one is, by no means, a cakewalk.

To begin with, your employer should be providing insurance at work. Then, you need to be eligible for it in accordance to your designation at your work place. A big advantage is that if you apply for group coverage, you cannot be denied or charged more on the basis of your health status. The premium will be decided on the health status of total group. This protection is known as non-discrimination.

When a person applies for group health insurance in Virginia, the employer or the insurance company could ask for his health status to know about pre-existing conditions. If there is a claim made within a year, then a company can keep you in a look-back period to see if the disease was diagnosed before the policy was applied for. However, federal and state laws protect you by placing limits on these pre-existing condition exclusion periods under group health plans.
Group Health Insurance: An Effective Option In Virginia

Federal law permits the government of Virginia to exempt its employees in self-insured group health plans from some of the protections. This choice is made annually by the public employers. When they do, they have to notify the federal government and inform them about the protection plans that will not be applicable to their employees group coverage.

Virginia has a large number of public employers who have decided to opt for this provision and have decided that certain protections will not be valid in the insurance plan of their employees.

Access to group insurance is not limited to the period you are employed with the company. Though the provision is not forever, you can stay in your group coverage for a limited period of time, if you are leaving your job or losing access to group health insurance in Virginia for any other reason.

There are many advantages of purchasing group health insurance in Virginia. Not only are they cheap, but they come with a lot of added benefits as well such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation care. Though group plans are comparatively cheap and a much more lucrative option, there are certain points that one needs to remember before purchasing health insurance in Virginia.

-As an employer looking to purchase medical plans for your workers, checking out the plans online would give you more choices to choose from and a cheaper option to purchase.
Group Health Insurance: An Effective Option In Virginia

-As an employee accessing health insurance at work, be clear about what part of the premium is being paid by you and what part will be paid by the company.

-Do not get carried away by the cheap prices. Check out the emergency rooms, out-of-pocket expenses, the exclusions and the grievances process of the health carrier.

When it comes to health insurance, Virginia offers a wide range of options. The carriers are aplenty and so are the plans. Therefore it is important that you choose the right group insurance that perfectly suits your health and financial needs.

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Group Health Insurance: An Effective Option In Virginia