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Get Out Of That Yo-yo Syndrome, And Make Healthy Weight Loss A Lifestyle

Weight loss does not have to be boring, but it does have to be a program that is in line with your bodys system

. If its not, then you become a member of the Yo-yo club where you might try a fad diet and lose 20 pounds, but then as soon as you go back to your normal foods, the 20 pounds comes right back on again. Many people continue in this syndrome for years and then finally give up because there is no permanent weight loss. By committing to the Body by Vi 90 day challenge, a shake a day sets you on the right path for weight loss and life maintenance. The fact is that the continual weight gain and weight loss actually hurts the body more than the weight loss ever helped. The answer is a healthy way of weight loss with the Body by Vi 90 day program, shake and nutrients.

For incredible weight loss and to keep it off, one has to change their way of eating, which does not mean that it has to be boring, or with no flavor. Weight loss is not a complicated concept, in fact, it is fairly simple. Our bodies are made up of cells and tissues that need to be fed vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are in real foods and the Body by Vis shakes. When your body is supported by these nutrients, then food is not stored in your fat cells because it is used as fuel.

For weight loss, you need to consider the number of calories that are in your foods compared to the vitamins and minerals. Scientifically, 3500 calories make up one pound. Calories are units of energy used as a measurement in food consumption, and in order to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. This is a fact of biology, so we cant change it no matter how much we might want to. Calories are here to stay, so lets try and work with them in weight loss.

A calorie may not be equal to another calorie. Have you ever noticed when children eat snacks filled with sugar and processed foods that they get out of control? This is a sugar-high from sugar calories, and within the next hour they crash and have no energy left. Weight loss is impossible eating only sugar-filled foods. They are called empty calories because they have no vitamins, minerals or enzymes contained in them to feed the cells and tissues in the body, and this is unhealthy whether it is used in childrens snacks, or in weight loss. The object is to cut out the empty calories when your lower your food intake in weight loss because they are worthless calories. They actually feed your fat cells, and you end up gaining weight instead of loosing weight, even if you are consuming fewer empty calorie foods. A healthy weight loss plan, like Body by Vis 90 day challenge, will equip you with the right weight loss tools for your weight loss success.

Hopefully, you are not too confused with calories. They are simply a measurement of energy and in weight loss, the idea is to make your system burn the fat cells that you stored by reducing the input of empty calories, which only turns to fat and take in fewer calories than you use in a day. Thats weight loss in a nutshell.

Unfortunately, this is where people get confused and ask, Ive got a bag a chips, or cookies that is labeled 350 calories, or a sandwich, made with whole wheat bread, filled with turkey and cheese, also approximately 350 calories. Why cant I eat the cookies and chips everyday for weight loss?

To make weight loss a healthy way of life, the cells and tissues in the body have to get their vitamins, minerals and enzymes. When they do, you feel satisfied, and you actually eat less and the result is weight loss. In addition, there are no extra calories to be stored in the fat cells. If you chose the bag of cookies, then the result is a sugar high and a loss of energy after an hour because only the fat cells were fed, but the body received no good nutrients or vitamins. Hence, if you chose the sandwich over a period of a month, or six months, the fat cells are in weight loss and youre achieving some gradual weight loss. Make healthy choices for all your meals, and your weight loss will be greater.

It is these types of choices that keep us on track to a healthy way of life and a weight loss plan that keeps the weight off. Choosing fresh and healthy foods on a daily basis is a lot of fun! There are a rainbow of colors, textures and flavors to mix and match that you will choose long after your initial weight loss. The Yo-yo syndrome is in the past now, and Body by Vis shakes and nutrients supply your body with good fuel. Your friends will be asking, What is your weight loss secret?

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