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General Information About Automotive Defect Lawsuits

General Information About Automotive Defect Lawsuits

Many consumers choose their vehicle based on safety features from the manufacturer

. However, these same safety features can cause serious injury or death if manufacturing or design defects are detected. Carelessness while a product is being manufactured or an overall unsafe design may cause the part to malfunction during use, leading to an accident.

Types of Automotive Defects - Obviously, there are many automotive parts that work together to make a car function safely. Any time any of these parts malfunction, there is potential for an accident. Defective air bags that deploy improperly or fail to deploy can cause serious injury during a car accident. Car seats are chosen based on how safe it will keep a child in the event of an accident. Many car seat recalls have occurred over the years due to defective designs or manufacturing. Defective roofs or ones built with lower standards may cause fatal injuries in rollover accidents. Seat belts are designed to keep you safe in a crash but can tear or become unlatched if not manufactured properly. The last type of automotive defect that is probably the most commonly known is the defective tire. You may remember several tire recalls that were in the news over the last several years. Several accidents occurred due to design flaws in these tires.

Common Injuries in Automotive Defect Lawsuits - A driver or passenger in a vehicle can suffer an injury from any of the above automotive defects. Minor accidents can produce short-term injuries, such as cuts and abrasions. Major accidents might result in more catastrophic injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries and paralysis. And in the most severe cases, death may result due to an automotive defect.

Damages in Automotive Defect Lawsuits - If an automotive defect is the direct cause of your auto accident injuries, you may be able to pursue financial damages. Present and future medical costs are generally covered in the amount of damages you receive. Compensation may also cover your income if you are unable to work after your injury and pain and suffering you have endured since being injured. Your personal injury lawyer will examine your case and specify the proper amount of damages you should pursue.

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