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From Cuba to Jamaica by:Eric Wilson

From Cuba to Jamaica by:Eric Wilson

When we think of Caribbean holidays it is almost impossible to call up just one picture in our minds. The reason for this is because the Caribbean is a very large area that is filled with many different countries that are all unique. From Cuba to Jamaica there are tons of different countries to visit and explore. The question is however what it is you are looking for in a truly great holiday. Lets take a look at what Cuba has to offer you.

First and foremost it is important to remember that each and every time you visit Cuba you will never have the same holiday experience twice. This is not only because there is just so much to see and do there but because each and every person goes there for different reasons at different times. So whether you are seeking relaxation, cultural involvement, or looking for an activity holiday to blow your socks off you will find it all here in Cuba. For instance, if you are looking to soak up some culture and the amazing sights on your Caribbean holidays you can begin the moment you step out of your lush accommodations.

Why not check out some of the beautiful caves on your walk through the breathtaking landscape or even hire a car and drive around to see how life is more inland. Or if you prefer to stick closer to your accommodations then why not check out Old Havana. With its truly amazing architecture and monuments of old you will be able to experience the heritage of these proud and passionate people. But for true excitement on your Caribbean holidays you will want to try your hand at treasure hunting.
From Cuba to Jamaica by:Eric Wilson

Ever since many people were children they dreamed of finding buried treasure under the sea. Well while you are in Cuba you can take advantage of all the scuba diving you could ever want and see if you can find a sunken ship with treasure. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Caribbean holidays in Cuba. But again, this is just one of the countries that make up all that is the Caribbean. In fact, out of all the places you will find that the most iconic is Jamaica.

The majority of the people that choose to go to the Caribbean for their holidays tend to head to Jamaica at least once. With its pristine beaches and spectacular atmosphere there is no wonder why so many people flock to this place. For instance, you will find that the music alone is enough to make you want to return year after year. But if you are looking for a more quiet and less crowded place to take your Caribbean holidays then you will want to check out Tobago.

This beautiful island is the least developed out of all of them and things go at a much slower pace here. From their beautiful beaches to the great mountain views you will love your stay at this Caribbean destination. But regardless of which you choose you will never now disappointment as they are all wonderful.

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