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Franchise, franchise, franchise – there's franchises all over!

Franchise, franchise, franchise – there's franchises all over!

In a world with more franchises than jobs, finding the right franchise or business opportunity can be a challenge

. Why not try a business opportunity that has all of the benefits of a franchise, but also the advantages of having your own business?

Here's a business opportunity that gives you license to use all of your imagination and creativity to push your product into multiple billion dollar markets it's perfect for the gift market, the promotional market, the floral market, and the greeting card market.

It is the perfect combination gift with liquor, perfume, lingerie, chocolates, jewelry and more. It was voted Best in Show by the promotional industry an industry worth 20 billion dollars which already has a huge work force out there knocking on the doors of every small, medium, and large corporation giving them their best promotional ideas.

The product is a patented process to create flowers that are embossed with custom phrases, heartfelt messages, company logos, and beautiful photos that can literally speak to anyone who receives them. The personalized phrase or image is printed directly onto the petals of the flower itself in metallic ink, creating a stunning and cool attention grabber that has more applications than you can imagine.
Franchise, franchise, franchise – there's franchises all over!

Imagine a wedding proposal with a bouquet being presented to the intended bride, and each flower in the bouquet has the words ""I Love You" or "Will You Marry Me?" on it.

Imagine a corporation running a sales promotion and giving out a beautiful red rose with their stunning logo printed right on it to every customer. The printing can be done on live or silk flowers, so these custom personalized flowers can even be mailed out as invitations.

Hollywood and the media love this product too. The embossed roses have been given out by Tom Cruise on the Ellen DeGeneres show for Mother's Day, and have appeared at the Kentucky Derby, the Miss America contest, the Oscar Nominations, and the Rose Bowl.

They have been featured in 100's of publications all over the world and appeared on CNN, E! Entertainment, and the Today Show just to name a few.

Franchise, franchise, franchise there's franchises all over!

By: Rene About the Author Mr. Rodriguez, age 36, a true entrepreneurial soul with an innovative mind and has over 15+ years of progressive experience in developing businesses in different industries. Mr. Rodriguez possesses the skills to launch successful "first-to-market" items, drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential, and manage all aspects of daily business. He has always believed that some day he would create a concept that would change a world-wide industry. Speaking Roses, where he is acting President, CEO and Founder, is a dream come true. Mr. Rodriguez exhibits a passion for business enabling him to achieve tremendous knowledge and experience in the international business arena. Mr. Rodriguez is a graduate in International Business and Marketing.Author's Website: (ArticlesBase SC #2881589) guest:  register | login | search     IP( Virginia / Ashburn Processed in 0.076459 second(s), 10 queries , Gzip enabled debug code: 18 , 3182, 954, 951
Franchise, franchise, franchise – there's franchises all over! Ashburn