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Five Reasons Why Oak Bedroom Furniture Is Ideal For The Bedroom Of Modern Children

Five Reasons Why Oak Bedroom Furniture Is Ideal For The Bedroom Of Modern Children

In many respects, children are far more punishing towards furniture than any adult

. When it comes to a bed for the bedroom of the modern child, this is especially true, what with toys being flung against it and the jumping competitions that take place on top of it. The question is which type of bed is best for the job, and the answer is invariably that wooden oak beds are. With a bed frame, or a bedstead as it is also known, there are a number of options to choose from. Each one has specific advantages, but not all are completely suitable to face harsh treatment. Metal and leather beds, for example, are highly attractive but their respective aesthetic strengths are of little importance. Of far greater importance are factors like durability, sturdiness and an ability to absorb bumps, dents and more artistic occurrences. Here are five reason that explain why wood beds are the best option. Durability One of the key factors when choosing a bed for a child is durability. It is no secret that furniture gets a harder time of it with children that with adults, and therefore need to be better equipped to cope. Wood in general is naturally durable, well able to take the knocks and scratches that typically occur. With pine wood frames, the soft wood absorbs all types of abrasion meaning that the effects are almost invisible. In the case of harder woods, such as oak, any marks are not obvious and have no effect on the sturdiness of the bed frame itself. Bright and Friendly Children, of course, are great fans of anything that is bright and friendly. That is why most bedrooms for a young age group are brightly fashioned, with warm colours and a maximum use of light. The light colour of a natural oak wood frame is a perfect complement to that room decor. Even if the natural colour of the chosen wood is a little dull, it is always possible to stain the wood a golden brown pine or lighter colour to enhance that bright, positive feel. Painting is an Option Of course, a particular decor may be perfect for a young child but as they get older they may demand their own style. A boy, for example, may wish to have more masculine theme applied to the room, while a girl may wish for something much more girlish. These preferences may cause problems for a metal framed bed, but the advantage of a wood framed bed is that it can be painted at any time to match the new decor. So, it can be given a dark green shade to match a military theme, if that is the preference of the boy, while a shade of pink can be applied if that is the wish of the girl. Whatever the preference, the oak bed can be adapted to suit it. Decorative Options Of course, simple decoration is always possible. Wood such as oak has the ability to take stencils and stickers and drawings. This is especially useful when a young child simply wants to have fun. In some cases, crayon and pencil marks can be simply wiped off the wood surface, but if this is not possible, then a simple coat of paint can be applied. Affordable Unlike with adults, there is a certainty that the bed a child sleeps in will eventually get too small for him or her. That means the bed will have to be replaced. This means that parents look for affordability more than when they purchase their own bed, which can itself be viewed as a luxury investment. The affordability means changing beds is not a problem, with its sell on value high. That means wooden and oak beds not only last longer than alternative framed beds, but are a better investment in the long run. When choosing bedroom furniture such as a new bed, it is always best to look at the quality as well as the price to ensure that the bed will be safe and last for years to come. When buying a bed or bedroom furniture from a company such as YourFurnitureOnline, youre guaranteed to be buying an item which you will be using several years from now in its original condition. If youre buying the bed for a child, once he or she outgrows the bed, the quality will still be high enough enabling you to either sell it on or pass it down to other members of the family.

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