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Finding Dental Vacancies Facebook Style

You'd think that looking for dental vacancies would be about as easy as looking in someone's mouth for gaps

. It's a simple equation - missing tooth equals the need for a replacement; missing employee equals recruitment opportunity. The situation seems to be just as simple from the point of view of both dental professionals and dental surgeries, with numbers rising for both parties.

So when you consider that there are more dental surgeries than ever, and more dental professionals than ever, it has to be asked - why are so many people still sitting around for days or weeks trying to find either a candidate or a position? Add in to the equation the monstrously large agency fees which dental surgeries are having to hand over for the privilege of waiting ages for dental recruitment agencies to catch up with the 1990s and you realise that something's not quite right.

One minute you're signing in to Facebook, and after a few clicks you find several old friends you lost touch with, an old colleague, and a half dozen specialist interest groups which help you get in touch with people who have the same bizarre fascination in collecting miniature china toilets as you do. You then head off to the dental recruitment agency holding your nicely printed CV, which they completely ignore, asking you instead to hand write the whole thing out again on a nearly identical bit of paper with a pen that doesn't work, but which proudly displays the name of the agency down the side of the barrel.

After you've finished this mind numbing task they ask you to fill in a few other forms they kept back just so that they could extend the joy and excitement of filling in more forms, and then wish you well as you leave, cleverly avoiding the question about how long it might be before you hear anything. You then head home and decide that you'd quite like to meet someone to spend some time with, and within a few clicks you've created a free online dating profile, and are browsing a number of astonishingly interesting sounding local matches.

The days go by, and you've managed to catch up with all your old friends, have several dates and reorganise your kitchen cupboards for the twenty eighth time, but still no word from the dental recruitment agency. Why is this? Why are so many dental recruitment agencies still using basic computer systems that were ditched by most businesses years ago? Why, when you have online networking sites such as Facebook and dating sites able to match people instantly and for free do you still have to manually apply to recruitment agencies before being forced to wait weeks for any progress?

Don't forget that whilst it's usually free for the candidates, dental surgeries often have to pay huge sums for the privilege of waiting ages. Fortunately it seems that at last times are changing, and if you are looking for dental vacancies then it's worth having another look online, because a new online networking site for dentists, dental surgeries and dental professionals has recently launched, offering all the benefits of a new online networking site with the experience and understanding of the dental industry offered by a professional dental recruitment agency.

From the point of view of dental professionals the service is fast, free and accurate, allowing results to be searched for and located instantly. For dental surgeries it's now possible to list dental jobs for free, and even search potential candidates, making direct enquiries if the right person is found. Not so much Facebook as Mouthbook perhaps?

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