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Family Health Insurance

Family Health Insurance

If you are an adult age 18 to 64 and have income that is too high to qualify for Medicaid, you can enroll yourself in Family Health Plus if you are living in the right region of the country

. It is a public health insurance program for qualified citizens. This health insurance is managed by the local participating plans around the area and offers very low co-payments. If you already have health insurance under a federal benefit plan you are not qualified for this health insurance plan, but if you have an employer-sponsored type of health insurance you may be eligible to enroll at Health Care Plus.
In agreement with them helping you to pay your deductibles and premiums, an amount of your income is designated for the program, depending on the size of your family. You do not have to pay for enrollment in Family Health Plus however, and there will be no deductibles once you are enrolled; only the co-payments will remain.
Family Health Plus covers all of the basic services like hospitalizations, prescriptions, and primary care. Additional benefits included in this health insurance program are doctor's services, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, smoking cessation products, x-rays, laboratory tests, hearing, speech, and vision services, medical equipment, emergency ambulance services, emergency room services, diabetic supplies, chemotherapy and radiation, and dental services. They provide the total package at a fraction of the usual cost.
Family Health Insurance

When applying for Family Health Plus, select a health plan on the list that you think you need the most. Choose the hospital that you are familiar with and that provides good services in your local area. Family Health Plus will also help you select the physician you want. After you have picked your health plan option you will have regular check ups and doctor visits.
It's important to first know the common scenarios and papers that you will need to present in applying for this health plan. Facilitated enrollers and the local department of social services are there to assist you in filing out your application. They will help you choose which plan is suitable for you and your family, and they will also answer any queries you may have. You will need proof of identity, such as ID cards and your social security number. You'll also need to provide your personal information like the number of people in your family, household expenses, illnesses, previous conditions and injuries, your address, current income, etc.
Once you have completed your application, the facilitated enroller will tell you if you qualify for the program. The facilitator will forward your application to the local department of social services who will then review it for eligibility, and they will be the ones to make the final determination of whether or not you are qualified for the program. You will receive a letter of confirmation about your eligibility for the health insurance plan you chose. Family Health Plus will then send you a welcome letter that states the date that you can start using your plan.
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