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Duty Free Prices : Exceptional Savings to be Made by:Angela Butler

Duty Free Prices : Exceptional Savings to be Made by:Angela Butler

Duty-free shopping offers international travellers attractive duty free prices and

the opportunity to save large amounts of money on a diverse array of merchandise. Although many individuals are aware that savings can be made by purchasing items duty-free, there also exists much confusion surrounding what duty free shopping actually is.

A duty refers to a tax or fee that is placed on goods by government entities with the purpose of collecting on it. Duty-free exists when buyers import goods and products, and then sell them to consumers who are leaving that country. As they depart the country these consumers are not charged a duty, or tax, on these products. This allows shoppers to purchase goods at duty free prices which are incomparable to those prices found at retail department stores.

Travellers can locate duty free products easily at international airports, while on cruise boats and even while seated on board international flights. All of these are locations that cater to international travellers, although many other locations exist where duty-free opportunities are also available. When shopping in duty-free stores, individuals will find that there is an incredibly diverse range of products available. Shopping items include a vast array of personal cosmetics, designer fragrances, fine dinnerware, high end jewellery, toys for children, premium chocolates and confectionary, plus much more... all at unbeatable duty free prices.

The savings available to an individual who is purchasing items duty-free is varied and is largely dependent on the product being purchased, the quantity, and the country in which the purchase is taking place. There are substantial savings to be made on a large selection of products available and for sale in duty-free stores. This enables the consumer to purchase almost any product and receive the best monetary deal available to them.
Duty Free Prices : Exceptional Savings to be Made by:Angela Butler

One way in which to quickly calculate and determine the savings that are being made on purchases, or what the best purchases may be in regards to the highest savings available, is to research how much an item would cost in a traditional retail store in which tax is charged.

In New Zealand, travellers will find some of the most cut-rate duty and tax free shopping available in the world. There are a number of duty-free stores located at the international airports of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. In addition to these locations, there are many tourist centres in these cities where the purchasing of duty-free goods is available. One stipulation to purchasing duty-free products is that the consumer must be travelling internationally, and be able to show proof of these travel arrangements.

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Angela Butler is currently the Consumer Marketing Manager for New Zealand and Australia at DFS Galleria and Duty Free stores. Angela specialises in retail and loyalty marketing and has extensive experience in both the liquor and beauty industries. She has produced award winning Fly Buys loyalty programme campaigns as well as receiving awards for other beauty loyalty programmes. DFS New Zealand

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