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Drop Your Shoes And Enjoy Life

Drop Your Shoes And Enjoy Life

The majority of persons consider that shoes guard the feet powerfully and accompany people to go into the civilized society

. Arranging from primary straw sandals to fashionable high-heeled shoes, the phylogeny of shoes reflects the development of human society from one aspect. However, some scientists think that there is a hidden danger in walking in shoes and it is the failure of the human evolution. Undoubtedly, it gives people a big surprise.

Actually, a month before the Zeitlin Cowes published his viewpoint, Adams Sternberg from New York Magazine published an article, and the point is there is a hidden trouble in walking in shoes. He indicates that feet and the backbone can be injured while walking in shoes. According to the writer, he purchased a pair of Five Fingers last year (commonly known as barefoot shoes), and the shoes simulated the principle of barefoot and caused no damage to feet. After walking through many villages and cities in those shoes, Adams finds that his knees, back and sole of the feet are quite comfortable in those shoes.

Medical staffs from cases diagnostics of Chicago Medical School launched a study in Adduction Action of Knees and it studied what the knee was like in arthritis. Over the years, medical staffs have conducted experiments on patients with arthritis and made them wear shoes with filler so as to decrease the pressure on knees. During the Adduction, they let patients wear suspender pants so as to rectify the knees, but the result was unsatisfactory. All medical staffs have tried variously: walking in shoes, walking bare feet, and testing the pressure each period, at last they find in amazement it is 12% less pressure on knee without shoes on.

It is another surprising result. It seems that perfect feet after 4 million years' evolution are indeed destroyed by wearing in shoes. More ridiculously, the initial and basic purpose of wearing shoes is to protect human but it is always poles apart: feet are not protected well and knees, backbone and other parts of body are hurt.

Of course, all people do not like wearing shoes. In marathon of Roman Olympics of 1960, the famous Ethiopian barefoot immortal Abebe won the champion without shoes on. At present, in the world, particularly metropolis, there are increasing barefoot people who consider barefoot as spontaneous, actual self, and unconstraint mode of life.

Probably, there will be a wave of barefoot before long and barefoot shoes will go popular all over the world.

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