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Doctors Are Truly Understated Miracle Workers

Doctors Are Truly Understated Miracle Workers

Over the passing years progress within the medical profession has brought us new

polysyllabic names for everything from regular office hours to the flu. Physicians have it much easer today than the general practitioners living in the country did years ago, although their job today is still demanding.

A real-life film that is centered around life in a metropolitan area, a physician talks about what doctors were required to do back in the day. It may sound strange but a physician was the first white male to enter this area. At the time, the doctor had come to the area to see if this community would be a good place to start a practice. Clearly, he discovered that there were few customers to be found in the area and subsequently went back where he came from as it had more potential to sustain a medical practice.

The doctors who already resided in this scantily populated area were having a difficult time making a living at their profession. With the onset of the Civil War, they gathered their medical equipment together and moved out. The 19th century physicians who performed life-saving procedures have been referred to as among the greatest of all unsung heroes. Back then, a youth had to have a lot of nerve to want to enter the medical field. It was a rough job which was defined by uncertain compensation, hours which were brutal and precious little time off, if they got any at all. Although there were a few appreciated patients who could afford to pay their medical bills, many more existed who could not.

Rarely did a night pass without a doctor receiving a sick call in the middle of the night. The unlucky doctor and his sleeping neighbors would be aroused by the stomping of feet on the front porch and frenzied banging on his door. The physician would then have to hitch up his horse and cart, and ride out to the patient's house no matter what the weather condition was at the time.
Doctors Are Truly Understated Miracle Workers

Those doctors were not always paid in silver coin for their treatments. On numerous occasions, the patients were forced to cover their bill with farm products like corn, or by laboring on behalf of the doctor. Therefore, to supplement their meager earnings, many doctors created and sold their own brand of medical concoctions. One such industrious man was this remarkable pioneer doctor.

Another physician who is profiled in the documentary earned a number of degrees with honors, but had to make, promote, and sell medicines back when standards weren't very high. Many found relief from his cures for headaches and nerve pain. At a price of three doses for ten cents, the client was promised that his problem would go away in about five to 20 minutes.

Other doctors opened their own pharmacies to earn pocket money. One doctor founded the first drugstore, opening it on the main street of the city. Once this first one sprouted up, three more doctors followed suit and opened competing drugstores. Once the first hospital was built in their area, the doctors found they liked the better working conditions, and subsequently there were more hospitals quickly constructed. It wasn't long after that codes of conduct and mottos were established, indicating quite clearly that the medical profession was adding a lot to the hospital's proficiency and confidence based on having better facilities and experience.

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Doctors Are Truly Understated Miracle Workers