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Discover The Redwoods Of California For A Piece Of Heaven by:Timmy Vic

Discover The Redwoods Of California For A Piece Of Heaven by:Timmy Vic

From Big Sur to the Oregon border, the redwoods in Northern California stretch across a hauntingly-beautiful landscape. Located close to the city of Fortuna, these magnificent trees achieve their primeval glory in the Northern California redwood forest. The forest hosts untouched groves that stagger the senses and offer a glimpse of how serenely sublime nature can be.

It is difficult to find words to describe the redwoods that grow in Northern California. With the ability to grow taller than a thirty-storey building, it is little wonder that these magnificent giants command such awe and wonder. When you consider, also, that many of these trees are over a thousand years old, it is easy to understand why they are considered an integral part of America's heritage. Some of these trees have burns and scars; others have openings wide enough to fit two or three humans.

The immense appearance of the redwood trees in the forests of California has the ability to connect the visitor to a past time when they stood guard over an equally unspoiled, primeval forest. On California's north coast, they live in an environment that is perfectly suited to their needs

The cool, moist air created by the Pacific Ocean keeps the trees continually damp, even during summer droughts. It is evident that these conditions have existed for some time, as the redwoods go back 20 million years.

As you make the pilgrimage to the redwood forests in Northern California, you will find that these giants are more than just the world's tallest trees.

To make your stay comfortable, there is quality accommodation available in Fortuna. With all the charms of a small town, Fortuna offers a magnificent, but affordable holiday experience. The magnificence of this experience owes a great deal to the redwoods that lie in close proximity to this charming Northern California town.

This is superbly complemented by the town's simple beauty and quiet rural atmosphere. In addition, you can attend one of Fortuna's many events and festivals held in the backdrop of the magnificent redwood forests that form such a crucial part of the landscape in this area of Northern California.

So whether you prefer an ancient redwood forest or a deserted beach, a Northern Californian holiday is perfect for you.

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