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Dental Implants: Your Ticket To A Perfect Smile In Idaho Falls

Our teeth are supposed to last our entire life

, but they rarely do, which is when dental implants may come in handy. It is important to your general health and the health of your other teeth to replace any missing teeth with dentures or denture alternatives. Not contacting an Idaho Falls cosmetic dentist about missing teeth will hinder your ability to chew and may cause neighboring teeth to be damaged or completely lost as well.

Of course, the first disadvantage to a missing tooth that most people consider is the inherent negative effect on a person's appearance and self-esteem. This is why dental implants should be considered immediately upon the failing or loss of a tooth. This is not a new concept, as sedation dentistry has been utilizing dental implants as an effective treatment for over 50 years. This is considered a superior option to bridgework and endodontic treatment.

Idaho Falls implant dentistry has made vast advances for those who need new dentures, but it is still a difficult decision to make. A local implant dentist is more than qualified to perform dental implants, based upon extensive training and experience in the area of denture alternatives. Let's review a few of the more common questions asked of a local implant dentist or cosmetic dentist.

Dental implants: What are they?

Implant dentistry describes a dental implant as an anchor for a natural looking and feeling permanent crown, and it acts as a substitute for the roots of your missing tooth. This is the modern sedation dentistry answer to missing teeth, as it causes far fewer chewing problems. This implant will mechanically and chemically bond to the jawbone, making it one with your natural teeth.

How do I know if I'm a good candidate for dental implants?

The first indication that dental implants are a good choice for you is having healthy gums and jawbone. The implants are worry-free, allowing for a perfect fit so you can smile, talk and eat perfectly. They are also a good option for a patient who has ceased to wear removable dentures. Your dentist will carefully evaluate your dental and medical history to make sure you are a good candidate.

Is there only one type of teeth implant?

No, dental implants come in various brands, sizes and shapes, and your implant dentist will determine which is perfect for your needs.

How long will it take to get dental implants?

How long treatment will take will depend greatly upon your needs. Every situation is different and will be thoroughly evaluated by your cosmetic dentist. He or she will be able to give you an estimated timetable before the procedure begins.

What else do I need to know?

A crucial component is that the patient has sufficient bone to accommodate the implant. If there is not enough bone, there are ways to correct this deficiency. Don't delay and suffer any longer, contact an Idaho Falls dental implant expert today and get answers to all your questions and concerns.

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