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Construction Insurance And Lower Back Complaints

Insurance For Contractors reports that one of the biggest reasons that employees

need to take time or, or are less than efficient in work is due to lower back problems that have been incurred in the course of their job. And dont think that this is just an issue with older workers; Contractors Insurance and Construction Insurance staff see it among the younger group as well.

According to statistics gathered by companies who offer Insurance For Contractors, about one third of all lower back pain is reported to be linked to occupation. Thankfully, it is only a small percentage that develops any permanent disability. The problem is that it can be nagging and chronic, and that adds up to a lot of sick days, a lot of lost productivity and a lot of unhappiness both on the job and off.

So, how can you improve the Contractors Insurance statistics in your workplace? Firstly, identify the workers whose tasks require repeated actions involving: lifting anything even slightly heavy, repetitive movements such as bending or twisting. Contractors Insurance and Construction Insurance experts indicate that any of these activities put your worker at increased risk of incurring lower back problems. And those problems will lead to a lot of problems for your business in the form of replacing a worker who needs time off, modifying their tasks to accommodate their back issue, and more.

Studies that Insurance For Contractors have reviewed show that acute lower back pain is usually the accumulation of a long time of improper bending, twisting and lifting: all of which create a little more damage to the spine as time goes by. This, by the way, covers employees who work on construction jobs as well as who sit behind a desk (for them, Insurance For Contractors pros think it may be the lack of movement that causes back problems.)

What can you do about this growing concern? Consider these suggestions from Contractors Insurance and Construction Insurance carriers:

Ensure that your workers have enough breaks built into their shifts. Encourage easy movement during these.

Be aware of any employee who is responsible for a lot of lifting or bending or twisting actions throughout the day (especially if it is heavy.) Talk to them about keeping their back in good shape.

Do an ergonomic assessment to ensure that all work-related physical tasks are optimally performed.

Be aware of any worker who has a pre-existing back issue: learn how to avoid this being aggravated in the course of work.

Make sure that the job matches the worker and that the worker matches the job; the lightweight, eager to make an impression may not be the best choice for that heavy-lifting gig.

The folks who provide Insurance For Contractors have said it before, and surely will say it again: awareness and prevention are key to workplace safety. Its easy to be so focussed on getting the job done that people will put up with some discomfort so it is wise to heed the warnings that Contractors Insurance and Construction Insurance companies advise.

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