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Choosing A Montgomery County Pa Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing A Montgomery County Pa Personal Injury Lawyer

A Life Changing Event

Choosing a Montgomery County Pa personal injury lawyer should involve a little more than "letting your fingers do the walking." After all, you are the unfortunate victim of a serious personal injury. Reeling from the initial shock of what has happened to you. And if that's not enough, medical bills are mounting, and your injury has prevented you from working temporarily, or perhaps, permanently.

For all of these reasons, choosing the best Montgomery County Pa personal injury lawyer to represent you is a decision that should be given the utmost thought and care. Although all of this can feel overwhelming, contacting and consulting with an attorney as soon as possible, can make the whole claims process a whole lot smoother.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Montgomery County Pa

Now that you've decided to contact and consult with an injury lawyer in Montgomery County, you may be unsure about what constitutes a good, experienced attorney. There's no doubt that there is a sea of lawyers and law firms to choose from.

A great place to start in choosing an attorney is with yourself. If you have an attorney for other legal matters, ask for a referral from him or her. Second, ask family or friends who they have had a good experience with. And lastly, there are legal resources available that can assist you in finding the right lawyer for you -,, and the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification (

Selecting one that you feel comfortable with, and who will aggressively represent you and your claim are important criteria to consider. Equally important are the following:

- One who will only take on your case if he or she feels that it's a winnable case.

- One who can cut through all the legalese and explain the issues involved in your case in everyday language.

- One who will remain involved in every aspect of your case - you don't want an attorney that you constantly have to chase down, or who passes you off to other attorneys or associates.

- One who will allow you to voice your concerns involving your case.

- One who will do everything possible to present your case to the court, if it doesn't settle.

Grant it, with what has been listed above, you won't be able to accurately gauge things until you spend time in a consultation with a lawyer, preferably in person, but it's good to know what to look for in the person that will be representing you. Simply asking the above in a question format will help you decide if he or she should be representing you.

After you've consulted with one, or several personal injury attorneys in Montgomery County, do an assessment of the consultation by asking yourself:

- Does he/she explain things in way that you understand?

- Does he/she take the time to listen to you, answer your questions and allow you to voice all of your concerns?

- Does he/she enable you to be a "partner" when discussing options and making decisions?

- Are you comfortable with the attorney?


It all comes down to this, at a confusing and critical time in your life, having a personal injury that makes you a priority , that will aggressively represent you and your claim and treats you like you are his or her only case all have a direct effect on how much money you will be receiving in the end. Choose your Montgomery County pa personal injury lawyers wisely.

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