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Stopping the Sticks and Stones

Growing up can be painful and growing up with terribly

crooked teeth can make it even harder. Local dentist, Mark

Hodge remembers first-hand how cruel kids can be. He remembers

how he would try to smile with his lips together and how he would

cover his mouth when he laughed. He also remembers the isolation

and the damage it all did to his self-confidence.

Mark had crooked teeth. He says they weren't just a little

crooked. They were so crooked that the kids had a special nickname

for him. And as he spoke the word softly to me, tears came to

his eyes. In fact, even after all of these years, the wounds are painful

enough he asked me not to print it.

The eldest of five kids, he explained that his folks absolutely

could not afford braces. His dad was a preacher and they didn't

have a lot extra. But somehow they worked it out and he got braces

when he was in the ninth grade. By the time he was ready to graduate,

he had nice, straight teeth.

It completely changed his life and he knew then that he wanted

to become a dentist. He wanted to help people feel good about their


Now, he shouts his message to every parent who will listen

Don't let your child be bullied. There is a solution!

He explains that although braces are effective, he can offer a

solution that provides the health and emotional benefit, without a

mouthful of metal. If the goal is to improve themselves socially,

they don't have to risk taking a step backward by wearing traditional

braces, he insists.

The alternative is called Invisalign. It is a series of clear plastic

aligners that are made especially for your child's teeth. Manufactured

to exact calculations, each aligner is designed to gradually

shift the teeth into a slightly new position. Approximately every

two weeks, Dr. Hodge will replace the aligner with another one

designed to take up where the last one left off.

The aligners are nearly invisible, yet they can be taken out for

a special occasion or for pictures. They can be removed for eating,

so your teen won't have to suffer embarrassing moments of getting

food stuck in their braces 'or not being able to eat certain foods

when they are out with friends. Invisalign aligners are easy to clean

and your teen will remove them prior to brushing his or her teeth.

The Invisalign process is not painful. Unlike traditional braces,

there is no pain from heavy tightening and no waxing needed to

protect the lips and mouth from sores. However, there is sometimes

a slight discomfort (like wearing a new pair of shoes) that can happen

when a new aligner in put in place.

Dr. Hodge says the cost and the result of Invisalign is approximately

the same as wearing traditional braces. But the lifestyle

your child will enjoy will be dramatically different. With Invisalign,

whether your child plays the saxophone, does pom, or plays football,

they will achieve a beautiful, straight smile without many of

the hassles of braces.

The gift of straight, beautiful teeth is one of the best things you

could give your child. After all, smiles are too special to ever be

covered up.

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