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Along with the arrival of 2010, yearly crazy shopping season is coming now. Many people are preparing to buy a large amout of flash cards, not matter for personal usage or commercial sale. It is a good thing originally. However, many people will get cheated by some flash cards online sellers.

The common tricks that bad flash card online sellers have are as follows:
1)They are known to take money and never send any package. They are totally swindlers.
2)They have poor customer service and never respond to customer emails.
3)They steal your credit card number and make purchases with them.
4)They take a really really long time to ship their items.
5)They have ridiculous prices. (Double or triple the price of the average price.) And they may mark up their product by insane amounts (I think it is 200+% at least.)
6)They always say they are in stock, then after you buy they say they are out of stock. What is more, they never update pages when out of stock.

It is well-known that online shopping is very convienent for customers. In another word, it is also very convienient for cheaters. Every coin has two sides. Therefore, we need to take several steps to ensure the security of online shopping.

Here are four tips for you to take.

1)Before your making final buying decision, please send an email to the online sellers or call them directly. Make sure that they really exist.
2)Compare the prices they mark with the striking price.
3)To understand their customers service well, such as shipping policy, reture policy, sales service, and so on.
4)Try your best to avoid making payment by credit cards. Unless you trust the sellers confidentially or you are a regular customer of them.

In a word, be careful if you are planning to buy flash cards online.


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