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Baby Bottles And Baby Teeth: The Facts

Baby Bottles And Baby Teeth: The Facts

Babies need to eat

. That is why you might have to switch to the baby bottle. However, there is a connection between the baby bottles and their baby teeth and you can learn about it right here. This is what they are saying about the connection. It actually can cause tooth decay if you aren't careful.

What scientists have found is that what causes the tooth decay in the babies baby teeth is the costant exposure to sugars that are found in the liquids that you put in the bottles for them to drink. Think about how often they are drinking these. While you know that breastmilk and formula are good for infants, it can also damage to the teeth as these have sugars in them.

They have found that feeding your child a bottle with these liquids aren't bad during the day. It's the prolonged use that causes it. They have found that when you lay your baby down with a bottle at night, the sugars actually puool around the teeth. Then, the bacteria enters in. This can all cause quite a bit of problems for your babies teeth. The same is true when you use the bottle as a pacifier. The bacteria thrive on the sugars and cause an acid attack which then attacks the teeth.

There are things you can do to decrease this risk for the infants. Now, that you know what bottles can do to the child's teeth, you will be happy to learn. One of the things you can do which can help to prevent this when your infant is using a bottle is to make sure that you are only putting water, breast milk, or formula in the bottle. Avoid the extra sugary substances.

Another thing you can do to prevent this would be that you can make sure they finish their bottles before they go to bed. Many of you put them in the bed with the bottles in their mouth. You have now read about how this can be bad for them. The other thing you might do is try weaning them off the bottle by their first birthday to avoid this from happening.

These are the things they have found. There are ways as you see to prevent this from happening. The other thing they have found is that those children who use the bottle past the year mark end up sometimes having a harder time with teeth growing in and can distort the teeth as well.

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