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Baby Bottles And Baby Teeth

Baby Bottles And Baby Teeth

Many babies go to bed each night with bottles in their mouths

. Parents often start this habit because it is difficult to get their child to settle down and sleep. What they do not realize is that they may be starting their baby down the road to tooth decay. As soon as a child gets that first tooth bud bacteria may start feeding on the tooth breaking down the enamel and making it susceptible to tooth decay.

Milk breaks down in the mouth and forms simple sugars, bacteria feed on this, multiply and can start to do damage to the tooth. Baby teeth are more susceptible to this process than adult teeth because the enamel is not as strong. All types of juices are also harmful to teeth because they break down into sugars and feed the bacteria just like milk. The only safe way to put your baby to sleep is with water. However the practice may be best if avoided altogether.

Long term sucking on a bottle or pacifier can lead to other problems besides tooth decay. The teeth jaw and mouth can all become misaligned if children are allowed to use these things after one year of age. This can cost money if these problems need to be corrected by orthodontia.

The centers for disease quote that 28 percent of children in America have some sort of tooth decay and many may need to have serious procedures such as root canals. Your child's baby teeth need to serve them for many years. Some of these teeth will stay in their mouths until they are teenagers.

There are things you can do to help prevent toot decay in babies. Wiping your child's teeth and gums with a wet cloth before bed can be a important step to prevent bacteria from growing overnight. Never share food or drink or food with your child. Bacteria from a adults mouth can spread to a child's and create more bacteria and different types of bacteria. Never give a child a pacifier dipped in any type of sweets. Sippy cups can cause the same types of problems that baby bottles do and they should be avoided at bedtime.

Good oral health is a important part of overall health care and it is never too early to take good care of teeth. Teeth must last a long time and good habits are a way to make sure out teeth last a lifetime. Children can visit a dentist as early as six month and this practice can help them be familiar with a dentist and the process of good oral health.

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