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Auto Loan and Rebates

Auto Loan and Rebates

Author: Terry Asbra

Nowadays,">auto loans come with high interest rates, short repayment period and stiff terms. Being able to secure an auto loan requires more than submitting your application. In addition to submitting a well-detailed application, you are also required to have an excellent credit rating and a stable and reliable source of income. When faced with difficulties, most people usually resort to taking up refinancing loans, in other for them to be able to repay or pay back the loan that they have taken. With a refinancing loan, all you get is a change of creditor and an extension on your repayment date. loan refinancing does not really give full time or long-term relief. All it does is equip you with the money to pay up an auto loan, at the expense of another loan. The new loan or refinances loan often times comes with a higher interest rate and a longer repayment period. Apart from taking up auto refinancing loans, taking advantage of rebates is another way by which you can reduce the burden that is associated with paying of an auto. Rebates are economic incentives that are provided by government to people who want to buy better and more fuel-efficient brand of cars. Rebates comes in different forms and ways, it may be in the form of trade in old cars in exchange for new, better and more fuel efficient cars. Tax cut or reduction and fuel subsidy. Applying and exploiting the gains of a rebate program, is one of the ways of cushioning the effect of high interest rate. For instance buying certain brand of cars, usually attract tax cut from government. In an addition to tax cuts, in some countries, government also offers fuel subsidies to people who own and use fuel efficient and environmentally friendly cars. The contribution of that auto rebates to your finances makes a lot of difference over a long period.About the Author:

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