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Is Car Insurance Changing?

Is Car Insurance Changing? Car insurance is an industry that is in a constant revolutionary cycle. This is primarily because the cars themselves are changing, with new designs and technology being developed every year. Driving habits, ages and claims could also never be described as constant; therefore insurers must move with the times and adjust their policies and costs effectively. A good recent example of just how much...more

Automotive industry in Iowa

Automotive industry in Iowa What is the automotive industry?The automotive industry is one of the world's most cost-effective sectors, since people have become very dependent on driving. The automotive industry deals with the design, development, manufacture, marketing and selling of motor vehicles. Most Iowa companies that produce automotive parts are classified as Tier 2 or Tier 3 manufacturers. They sell their products to...more

The Auto Industry Pitfalls

The Auto Industry Pitfalls Within most major cities and countries, the automotive industry plays a huge role within their economic, and industrial sectors. Each year there are over 60 million trucks, and cars manufactured. These millions of automobiles are responsible for the consumption of almost half of the world's oil resources. Also, within the automotive industry, over 4 million people are given employment both directly, and indirectly. Although the automotive industry has a rather large impact on the economy, and employment rate, many large companies are still operating under strain. Many of these large companies are experiencing low profitability, and overcapacity. On the upside, the automotive industry does provide a wide range of jobs with high payouts, and benefits. It also has a very strong influence on politics, and has major linkages with top suppliers of goods and services. The downside The automotive industry is over a century old, and began in France and Germany. Over time the U.S joined the industry with mass production of automobiles. However, there are several major pitfalls within it. The average worldwide margins have decreased from over 20%...more

Why is Women's Car Insurance Much Cheaper?

Why is Women's Car Insurance Much Cheaper? The cost of insurance is something that is cause for great debate. However, the disparity between the price paid by a man compared to a woman is possibly one of the most contentious matters. In fact, UK insurers will soon be adjusting these costs so as to fall in line with European Law...more

Will Men's Car Insurance Get Cheaper?

Will Men's Car Insurance Get Cheaper? Traditionally, men have had to pay more than women when buying car insurance. This was as a consequence of insurance statistics, which show that male drivers are involved in more claims, which also happen to cost more. However, things are now changing. In 2011, European legislation ruled...more

Hiring Injury Lawyer Sacramento

Hiring Injury Lawyer Sacramento The moment you sustain injuries as a result of an automobile accident or delivery injuries or workplace hazards, do you know who to call? If your injuries are as a result of someone else negligence, recklessness or intent to harm, do you have an idea on how to start constituting for a settlement claim? These are some of the questions that millions of persons who suffer personal injuries every year ask. Unfortunately, there are a number who lack the answers and as such, go without any form of settlement. Having recognized the challenges and difficulties that victims of accidents suffer, the article seeks to offer a helping hand on how to go about the process with ease.First and foremost, you course of action is to hire the services of injury lawyer Sacramento to assist you with the legal process. Once you have done so, they will be able to assess the gravity of the case and give counsel on the next step that needs to be taken. However, before doing so, there are several businesses aspects of the law firm you are about to hire that you need to take into account. This ensures that the person you hire has what it takes to see the case to...more

European Judge's Car Insurance Ruling

European Judge's Car Insurance Ruling In early 2011, The European Court of Justice ruled that disparity in car insurance based on gender was illegal and that insurers would have to charge male and female drivers the same. Whilst...more

Does Car Insurance Punish the Young?

Does Car Insurance Punish the Young? Few would argue that young drivers don't exactly receive the best value when buying car insurance. If you're below the age of 25, you will often find yourself paying a massive mark-up when...more

There are no bargains on driving insurance for young drivers

There are no bargains on driving insurance for young drivers Not surprisingly, young drivers stand-out as the highest risk group for auto insurance companies. Approximately eight out of ten newly licensed drivers tangle in a minor...more

Some Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Quotes

Some Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Quotes Fantastic Deals OnlineSearching on-line is the best way to buy car insurance these days. This is normally true if you are in one of the higher risk insurance groups such as new drivers....more

Car or truck Insurance coverage - Manufacturers' Insurance

Car or truck Insurance coverage - Manufacturers' Insurance Low-priced auto insurance coverage can be judiciously selected just after obtaining insurance quotes from different businesses. This assists you in choosing the ideal...more

All about cheap car insurances for young drivers

All about cheap car insurances for young drivers As you can see on TV, there are thousands of car crashes that happen every day. And that's why many people feel scared to drive because no one knows what may happen to them on the...more
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