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The Auto Crisis - What really caused it

The Auto Crisis - What really caused it The auto crisis impacted many local American families and further contributed to the global recession. Unfortunate as it was we need to revisit this crisis to ensure that the same mistakes are not made again by knowing exactly what caused it so that we can continue on the right path to recovery. While there are many speculations as to what caused the auto crisis many would agree that the...more

How the decline in the Auto Industry Affected Employment Rates

How the decline in the Auto Industry Affected Employment Rates General Motors, Ford and Chrysler (The Big Three) concentrated in the Mid West, USA were once the most dominant forces in the automobile industry. Since the 1970s however, there has been a significant decline in these once powerful automotive companies. The oil crisis was the first of the beginning of a plethora of problems for the US auto industry. This was further...more

How The Economic Downturn has Affected The Auto Salvage Industry

How The Economic Downturn has Affected The Auto Salvage Industry There is absolutely no doubt that the economic downturn has significantly affected the automotive industry in a negative way, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler were the three hardest hit resulting in two of these companies receiving bailouts from the government. Decline in auto sales can be blamed on many factors but the two most culpable are the massive increase in oil prices and the sudden credit crunch that affected nearly every American. Because these companies deal in new vehicles that are significantly more expensive than old or salvage vehicles they lost much of their market to these industries.Salvage vs. hybridsEven though new car sales declined significantly during the heights of the downturn in 2008-2009, there still existed the need of the consumer to purchase vehicles. Consumers opted for the smart buys and choose hybrid vehicles instead of those pesky and expensive gas guzzlers. Hybrid vehicles, though cheaper than traditional, new vehicles were still expensive to those hardest hit and thus they turned to salvage vehicles. While there are no exact figures it is estimated that the salvage...more

The Minnesota Auto Industry

The Minnesota Auto Industry The Minnesota Auto BusinessMinnesotaMinnesota is located in the Upper Midwestern area of the USA. It is the twelve largest state and its capital is St Paul, though its largest city being Minneapolis. It is bordered by Ontario, Dakota, Wisconsin and Michagan. Minnesota Auto Dealers for New...more

Car Insurances Comparison

Car Insurances Comparison When it is that time again to compare car insurance there are a few things that need to be taken into account. There is good and bad news to this.The bad news is that every insurance company you speak with requires you to give them a lot of details to do with your car and personal history before they can...more

The Massachusetts Auto Industry

The Massachusetts Auto Industry Massachusetts is in the north eastern section of the USA. Boston is its capital and largest city. There are five counties in Massachusetts. The auto industry in Massachusetts is well defined and both buyers and sellers are protected. There is not much manufacturing in Massachusetts and most of the business is actually through dealers of both new and used vehicles.Buying an Auto in MassachusettsBuying an auto in Massachusetts may not be as difficult as before. This is because a lot of used cars are on the market as certified pre-owned vehicles. These vehicles have been inspected and certified by factory based mechanics. They have been given warranty and guaranteed to be as good as new. Usually it is safer to buy these vehicles as they have gone through more detailed fixing and have passed certain standards of road worthiness. They may however be a little more expensive than the regular used car.A great way to shop for a vehicle is to check online for websites that offer a comparison for prices of the same vehicle in the same area. You could print this data and take it with you and use it as a tool to bargain for a good price with your...more

Five Mistakes People Make when Buying Car Insurance

Five Mistakes People Make when Buying Car Insurance There are a surprising number of potential pitfalls associated with buying a car insurance policy. One small error could see you spending hundreds of pounds more than necessary or,...more

Auto profit serializer

Auto profit serializer Brian Farrow launched Auto traffic Xploit. It is always technology your dog intended to go for a a lot of extra targeted traffic to a internet. He made the main potential customers creating tool easier than you...more

Which State had the Best Auto Industry

Which State had the Best Auto Industry There is no doubt that Michigan State had the best auto industry in the United States: Detroit is nicknamed "The motor city" after all. The automotive industry in Detroit contributed to a strong...more

Best Management Practice For Auto Recycling Industry

Best Management Practice For Auto Recycling Industry The auto recycling industry plays an important role in reducing wastage and pollution in the natural environment. The actual process of recycling automobiles for their metals and/or...more

The Mississippi Auto Industry

The Mississippi Auto Industry Location of MississippiMississippi is located in south central USA. Its location provides it with an excellent position to both the coast and other inland states. As such it is a prime area for the...more

Is Car Insurance Changing?

Is Car Insurance Changing? Car insurance is an industry that is in a constant revolutionary cycle. This is primarily because the cars themselves are changing, with new designs and technology being developed every year. Driving habits,...more
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