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Are Dental Recruitment Agencies No Longer Required?

Are Dental Recruitment Agencies No Longer Required?

What's the difference between dental recruitment agencies and Facebook

? Quite a lot, you might say, but there's more to the question than you might at first think.

For many years dental recruitment agencies have been the medium through which dental professionals have been able to locate suitable dental vacancies, apply for them, and further their career. At the same time recruitment agencies have been the way in which dental surgeries seek out new members of staff, replacing staff who are leaving, adding in new staff where they're expanding, or even for new surgeries opening up.

The world of dentistry has seen a huge boom in popularity over recent years, with many of us no longer seeing them as somewhere to go once every six months for a clean, or to go when things go wrong. Instead we're now visiting our dentist for a whole range of new cosmetic treatments, and this has resulted in a huge rise in the number of surgeries.

This has of course in turn meant that the number of dental jobs has risen, and in response to this the number of people training and qualifying in dentistry has soared. It's important to understand these facts when thinking about the fundamental difference between dental recruitment agencies and Facebook.

If you were looking for a dental job through a traditional agency you may well have to fill in a form, probably on paper and by hand, and then wait for someone else to locate potentially appropriate jobs, and forward the details on to you. This process could take several weeks. However, let's say you were looking for someone on Facebook, either an old school friend or a group of people interested in the same highly unusual hobby as you (just what that might be is between you and the other strange folk online!)

You would fill in a short online form, which will often pull in information from elsewhere, and allow you to upload information you already have on computer to save time. You would then be able to browse potential matches within seconds, contacting them immediately, and directly. The whole process takes seconds, or perhaps at most, minutes.

The fact is that most dental recruitment agencies are still working on computer based systems which have minimal networking and almost no online networking capability at all. The process of locating suitable jobs for people can take weeks, and the fees charged by the agencies to dental surgeries wishing to advertise available positions can easily run into thousands of pounds. If only you could find suitable dental vacancies using a specially developed version of an online networking tool such as Facebook, cutting out the dental recruitment agencies, cutting out the time, and for surgeries, cutting out the extortionate fees.

Well, there's good news, because a group of people have been having this exact same thought, and as it didn't exist, they went ahead and created it themselves. This new online alternative to the traditional dental recruitment agency offers all of the benefits of an experienced recruitment agency, but without the paperwork, the waiting or the fees.

In fact once you've created your online profile you can then actively search for jobs yourself. For surgeries there's the opportunity to actively search for potential candidates, sending out invitations to them to apply for your available positions if you feel they fulfil your desired criteria. The day of traditional dental recruitment agencies is drawing to a close. It's time to find a job, not wait for one.

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