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Analysing Job Ads - Do You Know What You Are Looking At?

Analysing Job Ads - Do You Know What You Are Looking At?

In our business, we often hear candidates complain that they apply for thousands of jobs a month and never get invited for an interview

. In our experience, there are many problems with the application process and misconceptions about the responsibility of job seekers. Often candidates dont read financial job adverts carefully and end up applying for positions that they are not qualified for. They then feel disappointed when they dont get invited for interviews. You can save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you carefully consider the financial job adverts before you apply for a position.

When you want to make a career change, you inventible find yourself looking through millions and millions of job adverts. Especially in recent years with the growth of online job boards and websites the number of job adverts has increased dramatically. Although it might seem that job adverts are very similar its important to read them carefully and analyse the requirements in order to avoid wasting your time applying for jobs that you are not qualified for. Here are some tips to know what to look for:

Non negotiable required criteria

It is important to ensure that you only apply to positions where you meet the required criteria. If a job advert uses phrases like graduate degree required, minimum of 5 years experience or you must have it means that theres no point in applying otherwise. These are non-negotiable in most positions that have very specific job descriptions. However if words like preferably, preferred, ideally or desired are used this suggest some flexibility.
Analysing Job Ads - Do You Know What You Are Looking At?

Level of responsibility

It is important to look carefully for clues about the level of responsibility a position would require. A position with a small company that is looking for a Financial Manager is not the same as the Financial Manager for a big financial institution. It is important to try and understand the challenges of the position and match these to your experience and past achievements in preparing your application.

Special instructions

Many candidates overlook special instructions in job adverts. If the applications process require you to apply by email, include contactable references or submit as PDFs take care in sticking to this requirements.

Is it a scam?

Before you apply, make sure that the job advertisement is not showing any indication of being a scam. Is the information provided extremely limited? Does the organization appear to have no physical location? Does the job seem to be too good to be true? These are all clues that the job advertisement could be a scam. You may want to take a closer look before you apply.

Remember that with a high unemployment rate there are many desperate job applicants out there. Save yourself some time by making use of a specialist finance recruitment agency, like Communicate Personnel that can assist you in finding an ideal position for you and advise you on your career. The added benefit is that you have one point of contact regarding employment opportunities and access to every suitable vacancy in the market .

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