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All On Four Dental Implants: Cost Effective Tooth Replacement Technique

All On Four Dental Implants: Cost Effective Tooth Replacement Technique

If you are facing a certain future of edentulism due to tooth loss

, then listen up! Removable dentures or false teeth really not need be the answer for you! The All on Four is a revolutionary dental implant protocol that offers a far less expensive and shorter road to oral rehabilitation than traditional Hoboken dental implant techniques. And of course, a permanent and non-removable tooth replacement solution is always better than struggling with the repeated costs and debilitating challenges associated with removable dentures. But what really sets the All on Four protocol apart from these traditional dental solutions to multiple missing teeth is that almost anyone is a candidate. Even patients that present with advanced bone loss in the jaw can receive a brand new set of beautiful, non-removable and immediately functional pearly whites with only a single surgery required!

How the All on Four Protocol Saves Patients Time and Money

While Hoboken dental implants afford patients a superior solution to edentulism (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulism, traditional placement techniques present with certain difficulties when it comes to the need to replace the entire dental arch. For complete oral rehabilitation, traditional techniques frequently call for six, eight and ten dental implants per jaw, which translates into up to 20 implants in total to give a patient an entire set of teeth! With a cost of around $3,500 to $4,500 per Hoboken dental implant, you can imagine just how expensive it must be for a patient to undergo this procedure! And this is not even to mention the cost of bone grafting, multiple placement surgeries, innumerable consultations with the oral surgeon and of course, all that time spent off from work while in recovery.

The All on Four placement protocol "" as the name suggests "" only requires four Hoboken dental implants per jaw, so eight in total for oral rehabilitation. But perhaps the biggest savings afforded by the All on Four is that it was designed by Dr. Paulo Malo to avoid the need for bone grafting surgery. This not only saves patients from having to go through a very painful, expensive and invasive surgery, but it also saves them up to a year and half worth of recovery and consultations! Without the need for bone grafting surgery, oral surgeons are almost always able to complete the All on Four protocol in a single surgery, in as little as a single day!

All on Four: Advanced Placement Protocol for Less

Without the need for multiple surgeries, up to 20 Hoboken dental implants, numerous consultations and follow-ups along with medicine to treat for post-operative pain and inflammation, the All on Four protocol can save patients up to a staggering $45,000 on complete oral rehabilitation. If you factor in the amount of time taken off from work and other responsibilities, these savings actually work out to be even more. So if it"s the cost that you"re concerned about when considering a tooth replacement solution, with the All on Four protocol, you can rest assured that you are getting the very best treatment that modern dental science is capable of, and all for a much lower investment.

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