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Why do modern people necessary buy a life insurance policy

Why do modern people necessary buy a life insurance policy

Sooner or later will reach heaven, now sit down and discuss a very serious topic

. A person death is not terrible, the worst things should be income interrupted. A death is not terrible, the most frightening thing is: the death of income.

First, the early leaver too! Could not have good credit for his family.From strangers to love each other with, how to take care of her?When the white-haired people who sent hair from the sad mood, perhaps through money physical access to early release mood.

Secondly, Incapacity.

If a person alive, have to rely on family care by live, this is the tragedy of life.Incapacity caused by 2 major factors, (1).Accident, (2).Other is suffering from major injuries.

It may take a great amount of the cost of medical care and save lives.If you do not have money, how to encourage the courage to live?

Thirdly, Live toolong.

Do not think I was joking with you.

Because of modern medical science advances, many of which have resulted in the death of the Black Death, is no longer a terminal illness, such as: tuberculosis, cancer, AIDS ... and so on.

However, the new outbreak of plague has been, for example: H1N1, SARS, Avian flu ... and so on, there are still many unexploded eggs.

Imagine the ...

The family of the elderly sick, the need for a dedicated person to take care of, but does not to make money with work.

SO, with old ... need to worry about two things. First, our health, the second is to have the pension.Will live with dignity!

That having been said:

Income caused the death of the above three main reasons: the early leaver too, Incapacity and live too long. These can take out insurance to fill the gap.

Why do modern people necessary buy a life insurance policy

By: gungho
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