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What Is Autonomic Dysfunction?

What Is Autonomic Dysfunction?

What Is Autonomic Dysfunction?

Autonomic dysfunction occurs when the autonomic nervous system suffers from a malfunction. The autonomic nervous system, or ANS, is responsible for the workings of the organs. There are many different factors that can cause the ANS to fail, which can put you in danger of serious problems like organ damage.

Your nervous system is split into two parts, the central system (CNS) and the peripheral system (PNS). The CNS includes the brain and spinal cord, while the PNS controls areas outside of the CNS. The autonomic nervous system is part of the peripheral nervous system. The purpose of the ANS is to control the automatic functioning of the organs. For instance, your heart beats, digestive system processes, eyes dilate, and blood vessels expand or contract all under the control of the ANS. Therefore, you are not conscious of adjusting these muscles to adapt to your environment.

When something causes your ANS to fail, it is called autonomic dysfunction or dysautonomia. There seem to be several different things that can cause dysautonomia, although doctors are not exactly sure of the true cause of this disorder. Things that can result in autonomic dysfunction include:

-Viral illnesses

-Exposure to toxic chemicals

-Head and chest trauma

-Genetic factors

-Damage to your nerves or arteries

Additionally, because the ANS controls so many different, important areas of your body, you can suffer from different variations of damage that have been identified as separate conditions. If your ANS fails, you can suffer from diseases such as:

-Orthostatic intolerance/tachycardia

-Postural tachycardia syndrome

-Neurally mediated syncope

-Vasovagal syncope

-Pure autonomic failure

-Baroreflex failure

In some cases, dysautonomia can be a symptom of other problems, such as neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Sadly, medications such as Reglan have been linked to neuroleptic malignant syndrome, causing autonomic dysfunction. If you now suffer from neuroleptic malignant syndrome or another neuromuscular disorder as a result of taking Reglan, you should contact a Reglan lawyer from the law firm of Williams Kherkher today.
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What Is Autonomic Dysfunction?