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Warning To All Parents: Misdiagnosis Bipolar Symptoms In Children

Warning To All Parents: Misdiagnosis Bipolar Symptoms In Children

Children with extreme behavior, not necessarily suffer from Bipolar Disorder.

A new facts about Bipolar Symptoms in Children, had been found. In the United States, there was a drastic increase in the number of people with bipolar disorder in children. Increasing this number, as a new epidemic in the United States.

How could this happen? It all stems from the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), it is a list of all mental illnesses had been officially recognized, and its symptoms. DSM is a small book written by Sigmun Freud in 1960, which are dominated by the thought of Freud. The book initially contains only a few pages, and only a few people who read it.

DSM is then updated to DSM-IV is a checklist on each mental disorder. DSM-IV consists of 886 pages, with an additional 32 new mental disorder. This book was made by Robert Spitzer and Allen Frances.

Whether it can be said on the misdiagnosis of bipolar symptoms in children?

Actually, do not be a problem if children diagnosed with bipolar perform psychical therapy. The problem is that if a child is diagnosed bipolar, and then he/she was told that he was suffering from bipolar. This is not good for his/her future, the child will feel that he/she is not normal because of suffering from bipolar disorder or mental disorder. And bipolar disorder is a mental illness that has a tendency to commit suicide.

Secondly, children are treated with antipsychotic drugs. In fact, if the child is actually normal, then antipsychotic drugs will cause unfavorable side effects and dangerous. Parents should pay attention to this problem, it is advisable to ask more details on the psychiatrists who prescribe the antipsychotic drugs.

The Real Diagnostic of Bipolar Symptoms in Children

To diagnose whether a child is suffering from bipolar disorder or not, it takes a series of physical tests, psychological tests and laboratory tests. In addition to some tests, need to be analyzed family members, neighborhood and friends that play a role in the development of the child. Only a psychiatrist who can determine whether the child has bipolar disorder, and type of therapy and the recommended treatment.

Some psychologists say that the symptoms of bipolar in children, in contrast to the symptoms of bipolar disorder in adults. According to them, people with bipolar disorder in children more often show explosive behavior and feelings are easily offended. Often the symptoms are to be ambiguous with symptoms of other mental disorders such as ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Some sources say that the symptoms of bipolar in children are caused by misuse of chemicals, where it plays a major role in a child's mental development. Other causes are due to genetic or hereditary factors. Children with parents (one or both) suffer from bipolar, more at risk to suffer from bipolar.

Information and research on bipolar symptoms in children, will continue to evolve along with the development of science. It may be cause that one time a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children will experience a renewal. Attitude that recommended for parents is to prevent children from various mental disorders, poor relationships and the use of illegal drugs. Parents should give attention and affection in their children, particularly those who suffering from bipolar disorder.

by: Dee Anastasya
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