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Used Cars Can Save Motorists Money

Most people are watching their budgets these days

, and purchasing used cars can be a way to do just that. Although purchasing a new car can be an exciting expenditure, it can also be a pricey one. Once a new vehicle is driven off the lot, it usually loses a good deal of its value. That's bad news for the new car buyer but great news for the person who buys it as a pre-owned vehicle.

Buying used cars takes a bit of research, however. First, a buyer should gather information about the types of vehicles he or she is interested in buying. Next, some research should be done about the potential automobiles' track records regarding safety, repairs, gas mileage, and resale value. Once a few vehicles have been narrowed down as possible purchases, it's time to go inspect a few as well as test-drive them. If you are looking at those sold by private owners, do your homework. Get a history report from websites such as Carfax. It would be wise to have a trusted mechanic take a look, too. While this may cost a few bucks, it would be well worth it in knowing exactly what you're buying. A benefit of purchasing a pre-owned auto from a dealer is that many of them will certify the sedans, trucks, and SUVs they carry. Since they have mechanics on staff, they will already have inspected the engine, interior, exterior, brakes, etc. They will also have more than one model to look at.

Some other ways to save money on transportation include keeping up on maintenance, learning to do some basic auto upkeep yourself, compare prices on insurance, and using alternative methods of getting around once in a while like the bus or subway. With regards to maintenance, your owners' manual should have a detailed schedule of servicing and when it needs to be done. Be sure to adhere to the timetable in order to keep your ride in tiptop shape. By comparing insurance policies, you might be surprised to find the wide variations in prices. Even if you like your insurance agent, it never hurts to check out the competition.

Don't purchase the premium gasoline because the extra costs will add up substantially over time. The premium fuels don't really make that much difference than the basic lead-free that cost twenty or thirty cents less per gallon. Make sure your vehicle is tuned up and that there's enough air in your tires. Having this type of maintenance performed regularly will keep your auto on the road longer and will save in better MPG over the miles.

If possible, pay cash for your vehicle. That's another benefit of buying used cars: they're less expensive and buying them outright without dealing with the bank can save a ton of money. Many frugality experts recommend buying an inexpensive car with the cash you can afford and then trading up as you save up additional bucks. It's a money saving idea! There are many ways to save money with your automobile if you do a bit of planning ahead of time.

by: Ace Abbey
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