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Top Reasons Policy Holders Lose Their Car Insurance

Top Reasons Policy Holders Lose Their Car Insurance

Whenever you buy a new car you must have car insurance to get behind the wheel

. The same is true for any existing vehicle that you own. Any automobile that you drive must be protected by a valid policy. Because of this reason alone you do not want to jeopardize the policy that you have in place. Make sure that you are not susceptible to the most popular causes why people lose their protection.

The best way to not get dropped due to a missed payment is to get setup with an automatic payment plan. Companies will gladly set this up for you. All you need is an account that they can deduct from each month, quarter or year. This is usually a harmless reason, but the effect is just the same as something more damaging.

You might feel the need for excitement, but you should try hard to not do it. If you or a family member gets too many tickets then all bets are off. When you have a teenager on your policy insurance companies will look at your more closely for possible accidents and tickets. They are often unproven drivers and make many mistakes. Tickets are one way to get dropped.

Accidents are not fun to be a part of. A minor fender bender is not normally what causes a person to lose their coverage. When a major accident or too many within a certain time frame happens companies will find fault with the driver. They do not want to cover someone that they are constantly paying out money for reckless or bad driving habits.Top Reasons Policy Holders Lose Their Car Insurance

A DUI can be from any influence which impairs your driving ability. Even prescription drugs can be considered a driving influence if there is a warming provided on the label which instructs the person to not drive. The biggest substances for getting a DUI are alcohol and drugs. They will impair a driver's judgement the most. Getting caught and charged will automatically make the driver lose their coverage.

Committing a major felony will make a person lose their rights as a citizen, get punished by spending time in jail, and lose their automobile protection. When you do not have a license to drive you cannot be covered under any policy. Records are updated with the latest information. Companies will make sure that their data is kept current. When they discover a driver has committed a crime they drop their policy.

Fraud is prevalent with those that try and take advantage of insurance companies. They might damage their car to get the financial rewards from a policy. Companies have workers that will inspect vehicles to check for the authenticity of a wreck. If anything appears suspicious they will deny payment and possibly press charges.

Car insurance can be provided by companies and just as quickly taken away due to the actions of the person on the policy. Illegal behavior such as fraud, DUI, and felonies are sure ways to lose coverage. Missing a payment, and reckless driving are other actions that make a policy owner lose their benefits.

by: Tracy Narvaez
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Top Reasons Policy Holders Lose Their Car Insurance