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Some Financial Programs For Teenager Moms

Some Financial Programs For Teenager Moms

Monetary programs for teenager mothers include the following: fast help

, scholarships or grants for single moms, financial motivation for education, and also possibilities for financial grants.

Being a parent is already difficult itself, even more if you're an adolescent still battling to get through school. Nonetheless, you needn't be in despair for there are various programs which are ready to aid you.

Prompt help

No matter where you are in the U.S., and you're a pregnant teenager or perhaps a teenage mother who needs financial, health, and medical attention, the government has a specific agency to assist you. This government organization is the US Department of Health and Human Services. Found everywhere, they offer aid through the various programs they give. Many expecting mothers, regardless of age, can avail a variety of financial aides to ensure that both the mother and also the baby or perhaps unborn child could sustain great health and well-being. Health care coverage for you as well as your child, and also food stamps, are some of the benefits from the government that you might acquire. As long as the teen mom is willing to participate in any kind of academic or work program which the government asks of them, these teenager moms could also have money benefits every month. Besides the teen help aid provided by the federal government, child care assistance is also given to allow the mother to continue and complete her schooling.Some Financial Programs For Teenager Moms

Scholarships or grants for single moms

Another program that can help expectant mothers is the "Scholarships 4 Moms". This particular program, however, isn't geared specifically for those who're still teens, but for those who are over 18 years of age and looking to finish a college degree. This age barrier is not a discouraging factor though for women that are pregnant who're still 18 and below simply because they still have the opportunity to get the $10,000 worth of school scholarship. Since the program is transferable, individuals who are still below eighteen years old can still have the possibility to take part in the scholarship benefit. If you learn somebody or have a good friend or family who was able to obtain this particular scholarship program, the chance could also be extended to you even when you haven't yet attained 18 years old.

Financial inspiration for schooling

The expecting adolescent mothers in California are given financial aid to inspire them to acquire and complete their schooling. Through the Cal-Learn program by the Alameda County Social Services, pregnant teenagers and also teen moms are encouraged to avoid dropping out from secondary school for causes including adolescent parenting. The program only has a couple of requirements, including that the pregnant woman or adolescent mom is below twenty years old and has no diploma or GED from high school. In case the teen is qualified, the program offers a maximum of $400 annually as merit for remaining in school and maintaining good and passing marks. Additionally, the program also provides a $500 grant upon graduation. They may even offer an additional grant for the student's bills for her own graduation if she applies for it.

Chances for monetary scholarships

Another program, that's the Moderate Needs, offers expecting teenagers and teen mothers the opportunity to acquire monetary needs through the assistance of donors. These teens simply have to publish a request for financial aides on the program's web site. After which, the personnel of the website check out the requests and deliver these to the contributors. The donors will then select which applicant they'd aid financially.

To get started in your research for financial aid, you may visit the Health and Human Services office in your city. From there, you can then move on to the other programs that provide financial assistance to teen mothers and expectant moms.

by: Patricia Strasser
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