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Postpartum - Are The Baby Blues For Real by:Clerence Summer

Postpartum - Are The Baby Blues For Real by:Clerence Summer

Plenty of people have no concept how hard it is to be a new mom

, it might make a good reality show Those who have never had a baby seem to think that being a new mother is this marvelous, always happy time in a woman's life. There exists some truth to that, but new moms do not always feel happy, and many of them get the 'baby blues" and some have postpartum depression.

The 'baby blues' will effect 50 % of women who give birth. A lot of women think they they are the only one experiencing these feelings and fell like bad mothers, and that is simply not true. Feeling impatient, restless, irritable and anxious are common feelings when you have had a baby. You have spent the past nine months growing a brand new life in you, certainly you likely will feel a little drained and exhausted. Carrying a child and giving birth are very emotional times, so it's not really a surprise you'll feel emotionally drained following childbirth.

So what is the difference between 'baby blues' and postpartum depression? The 'baby blues will suddenly appear, and then suddenly disappear. The symptoms will persist for about 10% of mothers. The signs of postpartum depression may include, loss in appetite, exhaustion, not having the ability to concentrate, emotional lows and highs, sadness, scared of hurting the baby, or loss of interest or excessive interest in the baby. Realize that women with postpartum usually do not experience all of these symptoms, they could feel different ones on different days, or the same symptoms day in and day out. Because they believe they should not feel anything but joy, they may begin to feel shame and guilt and eventually become isolated.

It saddens me to say that we do not know yet what can cause post partum depression. Some research suggests hormones affect the brain chemistry and factors like lack of sleep, stress and isolation after the baby is born contribute to postpartum depression. Many women think that motherhood is this wondrous awesome thing that should be one of the most rewarding experience you will ever have. On a single day it could be one of the most fulfilling and the hardest ob you'll ever have. So some women become severely depressed when all of these things happen after a baby is born.Postpartum - Are The Baby Blues For Real by:Clerence Summer

It isn't always easy for you to spot postpartum depression in your own life. You may think you feel down because you are working very hard and sleeping and showers aren't priorities. You need to listen to friends and family who are telling you that they're worried about you. Call your personal doctor immediately when you are seeing the symptoms in your life. A physician will be an important part of your recovery, you cannot depend on just attending support groups. Do not feel ashamed or guilty. You'll be feeling better soon, the support from both your physician and freinds will have you feeling normal once more.Postpartum - Are The Baby Blues For Real by:Clerence Summer

Remember that a lot of women experience the "baby blues" but if you are experiencing these symptoms for an extended time of time call your physician. You need to stay healthy for your new little baby.

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