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Hybrid Beers

Hybrid Beers

Hybrid beer? What does that mean a beer that runs only on electricity


Lets make this simple. In the world of brewskis, theres either lager or ale. It all depends on the yeast. There are only two types of brewers yeast lager or ale. So, logically there are only two kinds of swill.

Your basic lager uses yeast that does the trick at a cooler temperature. Conversely, ales become wonderful when its warmer.

Throw in the fact the way brewmeisters cook-up the duo. Lagers and ales have distinct ways of coming to full fruition. Youve been patient with the background on these two types of suds. Heres the money shot: Hybrids are beers that use the method that lagers employ, but incorporate ale yeast. Or vice-versa lager yeast, ale processes.

Want some real world examples?

California Common is an all-American case-in-point. You could call it steam beer. What kept Steamy from going the way of the great Auk was the intervention of Anchor Brewings Steam Beer that gave it the shock of life. The brewer uses special yeasts that go bananas at hotter temps. Adding crystal malts and freaky grains give the beer a light mahogany, gold splashed tint. Also added are Cascade and Northern Brewer hops. The end-product gives guzzlers a bitter tongue with a hint of wood.

Klsch employs a classic German brewing style that one would use when creating a lager beer. That technique ends however when the brewer infuses the stuff with ale yeast. If youve ever had a stange (AKA, a cylinder-shaped glass) of beer youll see why its a hit in Cologne, Germany. This clear hybrid has a straw-yellow color. Klsch is hoppy and not as bitter as the typical German pale lager. Its warm-fermented at a temperature around 13 to 21C (55 to 70F) and then cold-conditioned, or lagered. Klsch is usually made with Pilsner malt.

Altbier is a classic. Think about what Alt means in the German language Old. Therefore, Altbier is linked to a beverage thats brewed in a back-in-the-day style. This type of drink has a rich amber color. Its dry-tasting, using a severe dose of hops that pack a pucker. The malt flavors give off the air similar to a Bock beer. If youre really looking to get wasted, check out the off-shoot blends called either Secret or Sticke Alt. This variety has a bigger alcohol punch. Be forewarned though; the flavor is much, much stronger, too.

by: Stan Schubridge
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Hybrid Beers