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Effectively Handling An Automobile Insurance Claim

Effectively Handling An Automobile Insurance Claim

The need for automobile insurance in todays fast paced world is apparent

. What if youre in an accident? Or worse, get hit by someone WITHOUT insurance? Being in an auto accident can be a traumatic, stressful experience. At a time like this, it would help if you didnt have anything adding to your stress, least of all insurance. While its a smart move to have automobile insurance, its smarter to know how handle an automobile insurance claim effectively. Lets take a look at some stress-free ways in which you can effectively file and handle an automobile insurance claim.

Think calmly

If this is your first accident, theres a good chance that youre beside yourself with anxiety. Youre probably replaying the entire scene over and over in your mind, thinking about what you could, shouldve, wouldve saidbut didnt. Your anxiety is understandable, but take a minute to calm down and collect your thoughts. Being angry or mulling over what you shouldve said or what you wish you hadnt isnt going to do you any good. It sure as hell isnt going to help when it comes to filing your claim. Be calm, get some rest and do your homework to make sure things play out smoothly when you do.

Call your insurance provider immediatelyEffectively Handling An Automobile Insurance Claim

You might wait after an accident to call your insurance provider, but in all honesty, the importance of calling your provider immediately after an accident cannot be stressed enough. If you put off calling your provider, there are chances of it affecting your settlement. So, its always a smart idea to be quick about your actions.

Document the accident scene carefully

Take down notes documenting the exact sequence of the accident. Put down on paper as much as you can remember about the accident. Include details about the weather and the time of the accident and gather eye witness accounts if there are any. Get the contact information in case you need to contact any of these witnesses. Some people have even found it helpful to take photographs of the accident scene to show the positioning of the vehicles.

Speak to the insurance provider of the other party involved

An accident means chaos. However, it is important to keep a cool head and ask to speak to the other partys insurance provider right away. Once you do, remember to document the entire conversation to your own automobile insurance provider. Be honest. You dont want your claim being dismissed due to fraudulence.

Get an estimate from a body shop of your choice

Get two or three estimates for the damages from a body shop of your choice. If youre going to be compensated for your damages, dont be hesitant and present the highest estimate in your claim. Negotiating from a higher amount gives you an edge.Effectively Handling An Automobile Insurance Claim

Do you need legal help?

You might need to seek legal help in case your accident is very severe and complicated. In a situation where you are injured and are physically incapable of handling an insurance claim yourself, you might really benefit from hiring a lawyer. Of course, each case is unique and the decision to involve legal help should be made after adequate deliberation.

Insurance can be confusing, no doubt. Right from the time you begin looking for automobile insurance quotes to actually making a claim. But it is important when handling an insurance claim to do so from a strong position. Be calm, open and honest with your carrier and always be prepared with your research should the need ever arise.

by: Bethany Collins
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