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Characteristics Of Stepper Motor

Characteristics Of Stepper Motor

Often several machines need a stop or break mechanism while working

. Classic examples would be scanners or CD readers. Usually a combination of several parts is required, but the stepper drive is the most important for this system. It is a special type of electric motor that moves with breaks or steps.

This brushless DC electric motor divides the rotation of the motor in different steps of equal break and works on the principle of electromagnetism. Following this principle, a soft iron or magnetic rotor shaft is surrounded by electromagnetic stators in the motor. Depending on the type of stepper motor, the rotor and stator poles may or may not be teethed. When power is provided to the stators, the rotors align with them or move at a gap; thus creating a sequence to rotate the motor and connecting equipment. There are a few things you should know about this motor to understand it further.

These devices offer most torque when the motor is in stationary position. This means that when the motor speed increases, the torque will decrease.

It is not very difficult to increase the torque curve of the step motor. All you need to do is implement a driver and increase its driving voltage. Known as chopper circuits, these are easily accessible and may be often found in almost all hardware stores.

Stepper motors tend to be noisier than DC ones, as the step made on the motor will snap the rote when shifting from one position to the next. This also means you need a firm base for vibration control.

Often, if not controlled, vibrations may go out of hand at high speeds. It may be possible that the motor may lose torque or direction. This can cause the motor to jump, changing its position and altering its direction.

In case, the motor faces this problem. You may mitigate it by simply accelerating through the problem speeds range. You may try the conventional method of physically dampening the system or using a micro-stepping motor.

The step drives have a range of computer-based applications but are also used for slot machines, watches and others products. With a slight change in phases, these may be used for various different applications.

by: Sylvia Grant
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Characteristics Of Stepper Motor