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Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier – Lots of Energy and Fun

Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier – Lots of Energy and Fun

Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier Lots of Energy and Fun

When we think of famous Bulldogs, Winston Churchill comes to mind. He was an avid Bulldog fan and proved the theory that people look like their dogs. The Jack Russell Terrier is probably best represented by Eddie of the show "Frasier." He showed how trainable and clever Jack Russells can be and stole the hearts of the many hip viewers every week. These breeds have more in common than notoriety they're both huge gamers. This doesn't mean they like to play Wii on the weekend. It means they are "game" dogs in the sense that they are ready for anything or, as Webster puts it, they "have a resolute and unyielding spirit." This spirit comes from their backgrounds which actually differ.

The Bulldog originated in the British Isles and was bred to bait bulls. This was a sport where the dogs were set upon a chained bull. The Bulldog had to be tenacious, fearless and savvy to survive. Later, for a short time, the Bulldog was used in dog fighting. The Jack Russell also originated from England about 200 years ago, developed by a parson who wanted a dog with a high stamina for the hunt but also the ability to chase out foxes that had gone underground. This required, above all, tenacity, as well as courage and focus. Indeed, the Terrier tail was developed to be strong enough to grab a Terrier and pull it out of a hole if he wouldn't give up the search when commanded.

This "gameness"served these breeds well in their early days and these skills can be demonstrated today in Jack Russell trials where the dogs compete in go-to-ground competitions, races, agility and search-n-sniff. Bulldogs are more likely to be seen in dog "beauty"contests or lying on the couch today than a sport competition but any Bulldog owner will tell you that playing tug-of-war with their dog proves these old skills are still alive. It is an amazing sight to see a dog who is game, so focused and willing to please but these traits can also prove to be troublesome. Bulldogs can be dog aggressive because of their fighting nature and even turn a stranger if he feels threatened. Most Bulldogs, however, are even-tempered and very laid-back.Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier – Lots of Energy and Fun

Jack Russells, like any Terrier, seem to think they can win any fight and will call on even a Pit Bull to prove it. Early socialization with other dogs and humans is imperative for both of these breeds and obedience training should be started by about three months old. The Jack Russell in particular needs lots of activity and "work" such as fetching a ball or a good game of hide-and-seek. The Bulldog is more likely to choose to lay in the sun.

The rewards of owning one of these friendly, comical breeds far outweigh the extra time needed on training and establishing, and re-establishing, yourself as Alpha. Whether it's the Bulldog's lanky jowls and wheezing breath or the Jack Russell's ability to jump as high as your head that catches your heart, you'll find these once ferocious breeds are really just cuddle bums.
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