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Auto Repair From Pet Damage

Auto Repair From Pet Damage

If you have a dog, chances are you have spent money in the past year fixing damages to the interior of your vehicle

. Every year pet owners pay mightily to repair the bites, scratches, gouges and slobber stains left behind by their beloved pooch. There are a few things that you can do to prevent lasting damage to your vehicle however. New products are added to the market all the time to help pet owners keep their auto repair spending to a minimum.

Look into special seat covers for the backseat area where your larger dog normally rides. A good cover can prevent most damage from urine, slobber and pet hair. You can also expect that a quality seat cover will help protect your vehicles interior, making it easier to maintain or eventually sell. These covers can come in heavy-duty materials that prevent surface or deep scratches from over active claws.

Carpet cleaning in your vehicle can also be another costly auto repair maintenance factor for pet owners. Many people know the feeling of having to clean the stains left behind by a carsick puppy. Keeping specialized mats on the floors in the back can make for easy clean up and prevention of lasting stains. Look for sport edition style plastic or rubber mats to cover the back seat flooring area. These are easy to remove and shake clean, quickly ridding of kibbles or other undesirables.

Of course, sometimes car owners just need a way to cordon off parts of the vehicle from the dog's pining paws. There are car-friendly safety gates that can be placed in the backs of vehicles. These work particularly well with larger SUVs and are meant to keep the dog in a certain part of the car, usually the very rear seat or storage area. These are a good option for medium to large dogs as they can provide the dog the feeling of freedom of riding in a car without giving them full reign. Auto Repair From Pet Damage

For particularly anxious dogs, veterinarians suggest caging. Although pet owners dislike caging their dogs, this can be the only way of keeping a dog from anxiously tearing a car to bits. There are open-air cages that will give the dog the ability to look around while riding and continue to give some of the freedom to move. These cages come in all sizes and can even be collapsible for simple storage. Trays and mat can be sized to keep in or under the cage for easy cleaning.

Whatever decision you make as far as equipment for your car, it is important to consider keeping the vehicle as damage free as possible. Eventually, you may want to trade or sell this vehicle and if it has taken a beating from your pet, it can be difficult to get rid of.

Look into different auto repair preventative measures that you can take to keep your vehicle and your dog happy.

by: Andrew Stratton
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Auto Repair From Pet Damage